Top 100 Swiss startups have been revealed

100 Startup experts have determined the Top 100 Swiss startups of 2016. L.E.S.S is once more topping the list followed by BComp, Knip, Flyablity and Sophia Genetics respectively. Pregnolia, Advanon, Ecorobotix, Beekeeper and Wingtra are the best newcomers.

Every year, distinguished 100 experts from various industries nominate their favourite startups of the year, from which the top 100 are determined. The new ranking list of 2016 was compiled by IFJ in cooperation with the Journalistenbüro Niedermann, Handelszeitung and PME magazine. 

Below are the Top 20 startups.

L.E.S.S – provides ultra-thin, -bright and -uniform lighting systems, “Light Efficient SystemS”, as an alternative to LED lights. L.E.S.S. was founded by Simon Rivier and Yann Tissot (picture above).

BComp – has developed superior products from natural fibres using its powerRibs technology, which has a higher performance-per-price ratio than standard composites.

Knip – an innovative digital Insurance Manager that allows its users easily to understand tariffs and services of insurance companies.

Flyability – an aerial technology company specialising in making safe drones for inspection and exploration of inaccessible or confined spaces.

Sophia Genetics – Sophia Genetics is expert in medical bioinformatics. The startup offers its Data Driven Platform to enhance the diagnosing process of thousands of patients

AVA – Ava devloped a natural and reliable technology that helps couples have a child.

Bexio – Develops and sells accounting software for small and medium companies.

Amal Therapeutics – is a Swiss biotech company developing and progressing therapeutic cancer vaccines. Amal's technology platform is able to generate potent long lasting anti-tumor immunity and avoid tumor immune escape.

Gamaya – Using artificial intelligence and hyperspectral imaging, the startup has developed a unique solution for large-scale diagnostics of farmland using hyperspectral imaging.

Lunaphore – has designed a tumor analysis platform performing immunohistochemistry based on a microfluidic technology.

VIU Ventures – manufactures and sells hand-made designer eyewear at affordable prices, with an option to try them in customer's homes before they purchase.

Movu – users can find the best local moving and cleaning services for free. in addition MOVU consultants accompany users throughout the entire move.

BestMile – offers software solution to manage fleets of autonomous vehicles.

Piqur Therapeutics – clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery and development of innovative anti-cancer drugs .

Archilogic – offers a scalable and modular 3D engine that can quickly turn layouts of properties in 3D models.

G-Therapeutics – has developed a new treatment for patients with spinal cord injuries based on flexible implants that allow for quick recovery.

RealLook – the startup manufactures and sells customized jeans and trousers online und the Selfnation brandname.

Mindmaze – combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging and 3D technology in real time to build novel platforms for Neurorehabilitation, Game Training and 3D Imaging.

OrbiWise – provides infrastructure solutions for Internet of Things networks based on LoRa technology

Glycemicon – has developed an innovative solution to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.


The best newcomersIn this year’s Top 100 list are five new comers that have occupied the positon between 24 and 35:

Pregnolia (rank 24) – developed a diagnostic tool that determines preterm birth. The tool detects cervical stiffness in pregnant women, allowing for reliably identifying the risks of preterm birth.

Advanon (rank 25) – provides a platform that enables SMEs to pre-finance their outstanding invoices easily, quickly and transparently.

Ecorobotix (rank 28) – developed a solar-powered robot for weeding row crops. It detects and destroys weeds, either mechanically or by accurate herbicide dispensing.

Beekeeper (rank 31) – provides communication service for blue-collar to facilitate simple but effective communication in organisations.

Wingtra (rank 35)– developes aerial robots for civil application.


The list with all Top 100 startups can be found on