Top 100 public voting: Oxygen at Work leads the Top ten ranking


More than 7200 people have participated in the Top 100 public voting. The top ten startups based on the latest count are led by Oxygen at Work and offer solutions across ICT fields such as platforms. Public voting closes in two weeks.


In September the Top 100 Swiss startups selected by the top 100 Jury members will be announced. Additionally, a startup that will obtain majority votes from the public will be presented on the stage as well featured in the Top 100 magazine 2019. To date, more than 7200 people participated in the voting. In May, Menhir Photonics spearheaded the ranks, thanks to the company's active participation and strategies. Today, however, the startup has been overtaken by its peers. Oxygen at Work GmbH currently heads the top ten, as of the current results. The startup is followed by nine other startups, which likewise overtook Menhir Photonics. The top ten startups include; Oxygen at Work GmbH – with Environment as a Service (EaaS), the startup combines nature, scientific knowledge and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) Foodetective – offers curated reviews and recommendations for food lovers all over the world. GuestReady AG – with its Housing-As-A-Service model, the startup offers short-term rental services Seniors@work – offers a platform that connects experienced pensioners with individuals and companies. Zippsafe AG – offers space-efficient locker room solution NextDay.Vision – developed OtpOne API, an easy and scalable solution for companies to replace their passwords. Wecheer Sarl - offers marketing & business intelligence solutions for the beverages industry based on Big Data, Social Media and IoT Avrios International AG – developed a SaaS platform to help companies provide tailored transportation to its employees. Kemiex AG – operates an Online B2B marketplace for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Additives, Vitamins and Excipients Alaya SA – is a digital platform to boost corporate social responsibility Stefan Steiner, Co-managing Director of Venturelab states that “Compared to last year we don’t see many changes in the top 10, however, that might change in the last weeks since startups are now actively campaigning for votes. It’s still possible for everyone to win the TOP 100 Public Voting 2019. Last year’s winner Smallpdf placed a banner on his website and with that, they were able to win a lot of votes in the last weeks. I’m looking forward to the final sprint.” All startups across Switzerland that meet the criteria of still have a chance to win the audience award. During the remaining weeks until the end of July, the startups may solicit votes from their network and beyond to increase their chances of winning the challenge. (RAN)