Tinamu Labs banks additional funds to accelerate market entry

The Zurich based ETH Spin-off offers a fully digital and remote in- and outdoor inspection system. After deploying the first systems to customers, the startup has concluded its seed funding round with CHF 2.5 million to speed up the time to market.

The inspection of large industrial sites is a global challenge. Traditionally, thousands of inspectors travel around the globe to perform inspections and generate insights for their daily operations. This leads to massive costs, inefficient workflows and unnecessary travelling. Founded in 2018 by David Lanter, Daniel Meier, Samuel Oberholzer, and Tobias Nägeli, Tinamu Labs is revolutionising classical manual workflows by providing a fully digital solution based on patented technology designed to inspect industrial sites remotely – without needing a drone pilot.

Using a fully automated drone system with flying sensors, data is captured, analysed, and the insights are shared with the user in real-time. Thanks to the system’s independence from GPS, it can be applied to challenging indoor environments.

After a lean development process, Tinamu deployed the first functional prototypes in June 2021. Since then, it has closed annually recurring contracts in the 6-digit range. Commenting on this achievement, Daniel Meier, Co-Founder and Business Lead at Tinamu said, “Getting the system out, and generating first recurring revenue with it, was a huge milestone. Within just a few months, we could deploy two systems nationally and one internationally.”

Continued support from investors
Tinamus existing investors Alpana Ventures, DAA Capital Partners and Spicehaus Partners, and new private investors have invested in the startup’s seed round extension. With last year's CHF 1.1 million round, the seed financing round has closed at CHF 2.5 million. The additional funds will allow the team to bring its solution to the global market. Tinamu is currently hiring additional talent to support its go-to-market journey. The team will accelerate product development to bring the early product to a scalable version and further prove Tinamu’s business model.

“We are now looking forward to further accelerate our pace and on-board more companies. With the additional funding, we can reach the next milestones even faster, accelerate the company’s growth and deliver on Tinamu’s promise of safe, reliable, and consistent data acquisition.” Tobias Nägeli, Co-Founder and CEO at Tinamu.(Press release/RAN)