Three Winners of the ETH Entrepreneur Club Award

The ETH Entrepreneur Club successfully closed the EC Award process for the fall semester. Three out of seven teams that were invited to join the final round won the award prizes of worth CHF 8000, 5000 and 3000. The winners, in the respective order, are: Reflectus, IDUN Healthtech and VAY.

Following a tough selection process, the selection team of the ETH Entrepreneur Club Award nominated and invited seven startups to pitch to the crowd and jury at the award ceremony. Ark, Alan, Photodition, Yougurt+, VAY, IDUN Healthtech and Reflectus pitched to the audience. Three of these who were able to convince the judging panel were awarded accordingly.

The first prize of worth CHF 8000 was awarded to Reflectus, the second prize of CHF 5000 to IDUN Healthtech and the third prize worth CHF 3000 to VAY. All three startups will get access to the pre-accelerator program from SSUF and access to RocketHub, an ETH EC Co-working space.

Reflectus, Zurich – is developing a hand-held ultrasound device for screening for breast cancer. Unlike the conventional apparatus which require radiation exposure and causes discomfort, Reflectus uses conventional ultrasound probe on one side of the tissue and a passive reflector on the other side. With this setup, the device measures the travel time along multiple wave paths, and devise mathematical techniques to reconstruct SoS images, which successfully trace stiff tissue locations that pose danger for cancer. Rectus is currently conducting a clinical study and is testing their device on breast cancer patients at the university hospital of Zurich.

IDUN Healthtech,  Zurich – is the first medical grade ECG device for field-condition testing in multi-usage conditions.The diagnostics can be used for athlete training supervision such as data collection for training and diagnostic purposes. The device is able to record high-quality signals under heavy physical burden causing high motion artifacts and wet environments.

VAY – has developed a technology consisting of sensors to enable people to walk around in Virtual Reality without limits. Usually, a controller is used for movement, which destroys the immersiveness of the experience. Vays technology allows free movement in the virtual reality by simply walking on the spot one.

Two additional prizes were awarded; the Best Pitch Award with a prize of CHF 2000 awarded to Alan, an artificial Intelligence DJ that creates tracks, albums and concerts, and the second prize "Audience prize Award" of worth CHF 2000 to Reflectus. The two will also benefit from a pre-accelerator program from Swiss Startup Factory.