Three Swiss startups selected for European acceleration program


Three Swiss startups, Sonect, SkAD Labs and Parquery have been accepted to join weXelerate, the biggest innovation center in Central and Eastern Europe with an area of 9000 sqm. The startups will travel to Vienna to work with selected companies on defined innovation projects for four months.


WeXelerate develops an open innovation ecosystem aiming to connect start-ups and established companies. As a part of the weXelerate Accelerator, 100 start-ups per year are split into two batches and supported in their go-to-market preparation. weXelerate's primary focus is on five industries –Infrastructure & Energy, Industry 4.0, Media, Insurance and Banking – and cross-industry technologies such as the Internet of Things, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Blockchain and Cyber Security.

The next edition of the accelerator program kicks off on March 5th with 52 start-ups from 21 countries. Among them are three Swiss startups, namely;

Sonect – as a pioneer of Virtual ATMs, Sonect developed a matchmaking platform that connects individuals who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash thereby democratizing the process of cash distribution. As such a significant portion of the value chain can be eliminated making the process faster, cheaper and safe.

SkAD Labs – developed SkeletonCAx, an intelligent design, simulation and optimization software solution which allows engineering projects to be tested and modified with double time efficiency. SkeletonCAx allows for fast concepts development, detailed design, virtual testing and fast prototyping in the hands of only one skilled engineer or designer.

Parqeury – The ETH Spinoff developed an in-house computer vision and deep learning algorithms which analyse any image from any already-installed camera, in order to provide real-time results to customers. The startup’s technology is being applied in their smart parking solution, with gives real-time information on both parking occupancy and exact parking duration.

For four months, the startups will work with selected established corporates on defined innovation projects. In addition, start-up entrepreneurs are offered a wide range of training courses, specialist lectures and tasks in order to prepare themselves and their companies for future challenges.

Stephan Jung, Managing Partner and Head of the Accelerator Program, points out: "Our second batch is significantly more international than the first one. With the accumulated experience of the past months, we have created an excellent base to make our accelerator program even more effective in the future. In the remaining three working weeks, before the onboarding week, we are going to focus on numerous innovation projects which will be launched in the coming months."

The call for applications for 'Batch III' starts on April 4th, 2018. An overview of all selected start-ups can be found here.

(Picture: Grand opening of weXelerate in 2017)

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