Three Swiss startups join the Horizon2020 backed DMS Accelerator


SecuraXis, VAY and Digipharm are among the 50 startups selected for the DMS Accelerator program focused on data. During six months, the teams will receive training from industry experts, one-on-one mentorship and support to enter new markets and an exclusive invitation to a digital TNW event.



DMS Accelerator was established in 2019 under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to support startups and SMEs in Europe. The aim is to address the lack of trusted and secure platforms and privacy‐aware analytic methods for secure sharing of personal and proprietary/commercial/industrial data.

For the second edition, the program committee has nominated 50 startups from 206 applications representing 32 countries. Over 6 months, the selected cohort will receive training in key topics such as GDPR, Intellectual property, investment matchmaking & fundraising, legal training, and more. They will also receive access to a free online portal environment for scalable public fundraising, acceleration, mentoring, promotion and data skills free business support. The program mainly takes place online.

Three Swiss startups are part of the 2020 cohort. These are

SecuraXis – a Geneva-based startup specialising on privacy through sounds analytics. By combining deep AI and acoustic, the company’s product SONAL can analyse specific traffic sounds in any environment, classify them, locate and report them accurately. The sensor provides real-time data, and is particularly interesting for communities that refrain from placing cameras in public spaces.

VAY – teaches computers to perfectly perceive and predict human motion, ensuring harmonic interaction between the two worlds. Founded in 2019 the solution is applicable in various sectors: in sports, the startup launched VAY Fitness Coach, a fully, virtual personal coach for the smartphone. Users get real-time feedback on their pose and automatic progress tracking during their workout sessions. Other application areas are workplace safety, interactive entertainment and health.

Digipharm – is developing the world’s first smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare technology and treatment provision. Since patient data and patient outcomes are used to determine the cost of care, Digipharm uses blockchain technology to create a medical information infrastructure that enables trust and a synchronized overview of these outcomes for all contracting parties. Digipharm’s smart contracts also remove the administrative burden of tracking and executing these agreements.

(Press release/RAN)