Three new CTI Start-up Label companies

Three new startups have been bestowed with the CTI Label. These include Advanon, Ectica Technologies and Flyability.

A fintech, a biotech and a robotics start-ups received the CTI Start-up Label this week. The companies:

Founded by three former Google employees, Advanon enables SMEs to prefinance their outstanding invoices easily, quickly and transparently. SMEs can have their customer invoices prefinanced by investors on the Advanon online platform and receive their cash within 24 hours. Companies can therefore customize their short-term financing according to their business needs and avoid long waiting times, while investors receive access to a new asset class.

The startup operates its own platform and has also partnered with several banks for example the Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) which offers SME a service based on the Advanon solution under the brand name Advanon is active in Switzerland and is preparing the market entry in Germany.


Ectica Technologies AG is a start-up company based in Zurich offering tools for the biotech and pharma industry. Its patented 3DProSeed technology developed in the laboratories of the University and ETH Zurich, combines the simplicity of culturing cells in standard microtiter plates with the high biological relevance of culturing cells in hydrogels. 3DProSeed 96-well plate is the first microtiter plate containing a pre-assembled synthetic hydrogel to which cells can be added using standard automated equipment. This product enables the straightforward transition from 2D cell culture to 3D cell culture in hydrogels. 3d cell cultures deliver more telling results because their much closer to the real conditions inside the human body than 2D cell cultures.


Flyability, based in Lausanne, builds safe drones for inaccessible places. The drones are able to reach places which are too dangerous or costly to be accessed by humans. Flyability’s technology allows drones to tolerate collisions, navigating complex and confined areas that no other technology can reach without risk of crash or injuries.

The Company is particularly active in the energy production, maritime and oil & gas markets where its drones inspect power plant boilers, tanks, vessels or ballasts among other difficult environments. In July Flyability closed a Series A round. The new resources will be used to ramp up production and to expand into new markets.

CTI Start-up enables creative entrepreneurs to realize their innovative business ideas quickly and professionally. Through a three-phase, firmly guided process lasting 8 to 26 months, a dedicated expert will help the venture’s project evolve sufficiently to apply for the CTI Start-up Label. The Start-up Label is a seal of quality, a certificate of achievement, and a sign of credibility and readiness for sustainable growth. It is awarded by the CTI Certification Board that is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts.