Three medtech products with the potential to change lives


The Swiss Medtech Day presents three nominees of the Swiss Medtech Award. While the startup Ava offers fertility-tracking wearables and Xeltis a new restorative approach in heart valve therapy, the established company Bühlmann Laboratories enables patients to conduct laboratory tests at home with their smart phone.


The medical industry has seen tremendous change in the prevailing digital space. To address these ongoing changes and present the new developments, Swiss Medtech in partnership with Innosuisse are organising the next Swiss Medtech Day, which will take place on 12 June in Kursaal Bern. It is still possible to register for the event.

One of the highlights of the event is the annual Swiss Medtech Award, which recognises companies and research institutes that are developing new solutions for the industry. Three companies comprising of two startups and one established company have been nominated to compete for the first award cash prize of CHF 50’000.

The startups include:

The Zurich based startup developed a Fertility Tracker supports women who want to have children. The sensor wristband measures eight other physiological parameters overnight in addition to temperature and determines the fertile days with pinpoint accuracy. The user-friendly product has been successfully launched in the USA and Europe. More than ten pregnancies are registered every day thanks to the new technology. The start-up company also develops solutions for the prevention or early detection of complications, has several branches worldwide and has 100 employees by the end of 2018. Further information in the company portrait (German)

Based in Zurich, Xeltis has developed an artificial heart valve that stimulates the body to build a new one itself. When the tissue is restored, the implant is gradually absorbed. This natural therapeutic approach can help millions of affected children worldwide. The innovative method allows a faster healing and saves further risky operations. The results of the clinical studies are convincing cardiac surgeons worldwide. In 2021, the company, which has its second headquarters in the Netherlands, plans to launch the product on the Swiss market. Further information in the company portrait (German).

BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG
Established in 1976, BÜHLMANN Laboratories has developed a smartphone-based rapid test. With "IBDoc", patients with chronic intestinal diseases can for the first time take measurements of a biomarker themselves at home, thus efficiently monitoring the course of inflammation and, together with the physician, aligning the therapy accordingly. Furthermore, this user-friendly method saves costs for unnecessary visits to the doctor and endoscopies. The product is successfully used by 2000 people worldwide. Further information in the company portrait (German).


Picture: Xeltis CEO Laurent Grandidier (Swiss Medtech)