The winners of the SUD pitching competition


Ten startups from Switzerland, Hungary and the UK made it to the finals of the pitch competition. Five were selected by the audience as the winners of the five verticals.  


More than 100 companies were selected for the pitching battle at the Startup DAYs. These included companies from abroad which were selected for the digitalswitzerland Market Entry Camp and finalists of the >>Venture>> competition. For the finals two companies were selected for each tech track. Both presented in 100 seconds without slides. The audience selected the winners.  Autonomous Systems Winner: SwissDeCode (Chavannes-de-Bogis, VD) With the mission to prevent food contamination, SwissDeCode developed the world’s first portable, self-administered, on-site DNA detection kit (DNAFoil) for the detecting pathogens and defects in food raw materials – from sample to certification stage along the supply chain thanks to the combines of both food safety and compliance with regulatory bodies. Expanding its product range, the startup is will soon launch a new enhanced solution. Runner-up:, a London based IOT startup that was at Startup DAYs as a selected company for the digitalswitzerland Market Entry Camp.  Healthteach Winner: Biospectal (Lausanne) The startup developed a proprietary solution for blood pressure monitoring and management. Using their smartphone camera, individuals have the chance to measure and receive instant and accurate blood pressure results anywhere at any time without any additional accessories. The solution not only saves time and money, but it also provides users with freedom to take control of their health. The solution has already been scientifically validated.  Runner-up: 1nfusion developing flow sensing infusion pumps (Zurich)   Sustainable Tech Winner: DePoly (Lausanne) Currently in stealth-mode, DePoly is developing a novel technology allowing for the chemical recycling of PET plastic back to their main two components. DePoly is one of the 30 finalists in the >>Venture>> competition Runner-up: FenX - turning mineral waste into insulation foams (Zurich)   Fintech Winner: Arcadia Blockchain Technologies (Lausanne)  Dedicated to promoting inclusion of refugees in the financial market, Arcadia Blockchain Technologies developed a software platform that enables NGOs to provide refugees with cash transfer services without the need of proof of residency. The solution facilitates P2P-based exchanges through marketplaces designed for individuals that are registered (known) with an NGO. Using their identity-less wallets, users have access to external networks of donors and 3rd party service providers via smart contracts. The platform is configurable and modular, supporting services as varied as crypto-to-fiat exchanges, P2P loans, donation tracking and subscriptions, and micro-insurance. Runner-up: Family Finances a Hungarian startup, offering customized youth banking solutions for financial institutions. Family Finances also enrolled in the market entry bootcamp by digitalswitzerland. Content & Channels Winner: collectID (Goldach, SG)  The startup developed a product authentication ecosystem that enables anyone to easily authenticate and trade any product by simply tapping the smartphone on the item. The collectID network using blockchain and NFC-technology that are embodied in collectibles to generate an individual identification number (public ID). The verified collectibles and their public IDs are then safely stored on the blockchain and assigned to their respective owners to enable them to trade the items securely in the ecosystem. In less than one year since its incorporation, the startup has recently closed the seed.  Runner-up: OMNE developing an AI technology which finds and shows the right internet content at the right time. The project is also among the >>Venture>> finalists.