The TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award 2022 celebrates Switzerland’s most promising startups

Yokoy (1st), Planted Foods (2nd), and Ledgy (3rd) were the top picks of the expert jury. A selected audience of startups, investors, and key partners of the TOP 100 were present at the event, held at startup space in Schlieren. In the afternoon 100 handpicked Swiss and international investors met the startups at the TOP 100 Investor Summit 2022.

Three startups from the fintech and foodtech sectors lead the TOP 100 Swiss Startup ranking in 2022. Yokoy, Planted Foods, and Ledgy represent the diversity and potential of Swiss startups: They are, on average, three and a half years old, have already created over 420 new jobs, and have raised a cumulated CHF 230 million. For the first time since the creation of the TOP 100 Ranking, a fintech startup has taken first place, which illustrates the meteoric growth of this field in recent years. The 12th edition of the TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award was organized by Venturelab and facilitated by its presenting partners Credit Suisse and Swiss Venture Club.

First place: Yokoy | Zurich | Company expenses and credit cards on autopilot
Fintech company Yokoy uses artificial intelligence to automate the entire corporate spend and corporate credit card process. The Zurich-based startup was founded in 2019 by Melanie Gabriel, Devis Lussi, Thomas Inhelder, Philippe Sahli, Lars Mangelsdorf and was ranked 20th in 2021.

Second place: Planted Foods | Kemptthal (ZH) | Turning plants into “meat”
Planted Foods revolutionizes the food industry by creating plant-based protein made of 100% animal-product-free ingredients. The vegan meat alternatives do not include any additives. Planted Foods was founded in 2019 by Christoph Jenny, Eric Stirnemann, Lukas Böni, and Pascal Bieri and ranked 37th in 2020.

Third place: Ledgy | Zurich | Setting equity for growth
Ledgy is an equity management platform that helps startups manage their cap table, employee participation plans, funding rounds, and investor relations. The ICT startup was founded in 2017 by ETH Zurich physics graduates Yoko Spirig, Ben-Elias Brandt, and Timo Horstschäfer and ranked 13th in 2021.

Ranks 4- 10

4CUTISS AG | Zurich | Biotech

5CREAL SA | Vaud | Engineering

69T Labs AG | Zurich | Engineering

7Carvolution AG | Bern | ICT

8HAYA Therapeutics SA | Vaud | Biotech

9Bloom Biorenewables SA | Fribourg | Cleantech

10Daphne Technology SA | Vaud | Cleantech

With more than 40 new nominees, the 2022 ranking offers a unique panoramic view of this innovative ecosystem, which is positioned among the best internationally. You can find the complete ranking with more information about the Top 100 startups plus a ranking of the 25 best scale-ups and several background articles in the Top 100 magazine which was again published in five languages.

This year’s ranking reflects the strength of the Swiss ecosystem” says TOP 100 program director Stefan Steiner. “With a record 2.6 billion francs in venture capital already affected into startups during the first half of the year, it is in Olympic share, and we aim to continue on this track, despite the current crises affecting the global economy”.

10 winners of the public Voting

In parallel to expert ranking, the public was also invited to select their favourite startup in ten verticals. The winners are:

Biotech: TissueLabs Sagl | Ticino

Cleantech: SoHHytec SA | Vaud

Engineering: dimpora AG | Zurich

Fintech: Alpian SA | Geneva

Foodtech: myDropz AG | Aargau

ICT: Almer Technologies AG | Bern

Medtech: Bearmind SA | Vaud

Proptech: Popety SA | Geneva

Robotics: Sevensense Robotics AG | Zurich

Security: Strong Network SA | Vaud

Multiple events, magazines and more
Born in 2011 as a ranking and event to celebrate the best Swiss startups, the “TOP 100 Swiss Startup” has grown into a benchmark in Switzerland. Today the TOP 100 offers an Investor Summit, multiple events along the year, the only startup magazine translated in five languages and the flagship evening TOP 100 Swiss startup award, often referred to as “The Swiss Oscar for startups”, which took place in Schlieren and was again live-streamed for a global audience. The 512 Swiss deeptech startups that have been featured in the TOP 100 Ranking over the past 12 years have created 16,149 jobs and raised CHF 11,1 billion. 71 exits and eight IPOs top off the achievements of these innovators.