The Swiss Pavilion at CES Las Vegas hosts over 30 startups


The annual Consumer Electronis Show (CES) in Las Vegas is taking place from 7-10 January 2020. This year, a significant number of Swiss startups from diverse fields will exhibit their innovations in the Swiss Pavilion. Some startups will leverage the opportunity to launch their products.



Organised by Presense Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy in the USA, Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and the swissnex network, the Swiss Pavilion, is a designated area at international trade fairs designed to provide Swiss startups with a platform to showcase their inventions and strengthen Switzerland’s position as a leading nation in innovation and technology. At the upcoming CES Vegas, the world’s largest consumer electronics conference, a cohort of over 30 selected Swiss startups will have the chance to meet visitors from all over the world including US experts, distributors, potential partners, and attend talks. They will also participate in networking events and expert sessions on a world stage. The following startups will exhibit in the Swiss Pavilion: Caru (agetech) –smart communication system for old the age population. Creal (AR / VR) – Hi-Fi light-field projector for smart eyewear. Roboclette (robotics) - robotic arm for scraping raclette cheese. RayShaper (video) – hardware and software solutions for photo-and video streaming. IcosaMed (medtech) – Smart clothing for cancer prevention. Siodb (IT security) – plug-and-play SQL database that secures data and protects data privacy. Skimo (payment app) – is an app and IOT solution for smart fridges and retail designed to bring together offline, online and logistics. Treasure hunters (game) – A mobile phone game that gets its gamers to go outdoors to win great prizes. Xsensio (medtech) – Lab-on-Skin Sensing Platform. Amazentis (biotech) – offers products targeting mitochondrial health. Archinesis (sportstech) – software for tailor-made outdoor sports training. Deepcode (ICT / AI) - platform for AI-powered code reviews. Eyeware (ICT / hardware) - eye tracking software for depth-sensing cameras. Flybotix (drones) - propulsion and steering drone-technology. Flavorwiki (foodtech) – consumer insights and data management solution. Global ID (IT security) – 3D Finger Vein Biometric Identification technology. Shematic (mobility) – customized electric motors. Holo one (Industry 4.0) – developed <sphere>, a Mixed Reality platform for enterprises. L2f (ICT / AI) – a software solution to boost the effectiveness of machine learning. Mitipi (security) – smart home technology and insurance. OneVisage (IT security) – 3D software authentication solutions. QRcrypto (IT security) – SIM card enabling long-term secure payments. Smart2fry (foodtech) – Deep fryer revolution. Sporfie (video) – video-capture platform for sports. Superba (AR / VR) – Augmented Reality solutions. Technis (agetech) – cloud services for elderly care smart flouring solution. Tyxit (audio) – is developing revolutionary wireless live music products. Vay (sports tech) – Virtual fitness personal trainer. Alogo Analysis (sports tech) – sensor technology to improve horses’ performance. Sphery (sports tech) – operates <Exercube> for combined fitness and gaming. Wecan (fintech) – algorithmic peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. Atracsys Interactive (ICT) – Multi-Touch Applications for large touchscreens. Mictic (AR / VR) - audio augmented reality device that translates motion into music. (RAN)