The propulsion driving innovation

Behind the success of any start-up are various driving forces – customer acquisition, positive feedback, funding, strategic partnerships and a generous ecosystem.

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Start-ups chart their roadmap in order to visualise their trajectory and achieve their objectives. For some, the journey takes a different, unplanned, course, with adverse results. This was the case for software start-up Evenito, which after failing to raise funds, reached a tipping point. It has managed to bounce back from these challenges and today offers its all-in-one online event management software to some of Switzerland’s leading companies.

Strategic partnerships have also enabled several start-ups to create forward momentum at a national and international level. Tinamu Labs, provider of indoor drone monitoring systems, medtech start-up Lunaphore, which enables spatial biology in laboratories, and Mindmaze, a pioneer in digital neurotherapeutics, have won partners to them deploy their technology in the Benelux region and the US.

Cleantech start-up Zurich Soft Robotics has not only attracted a customer for its adaptive photovoltaic facade system, but also secured CHF 1.5 million in its seed financing round from international investors. Start-up Kemiex, founded in 2017, has also obtained a strategic investment and access to a global network in order to expand its trading platform for raw materials to include chemicals.

The success and growing presence of Swiss start-ups in international markets can be attributed to the continued support from the ecosystem. This week two start-ups each received CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick: Tandem Therapeutics is developing a novel solution for the treatment of fibrotic cancer, and Recolony is developing a bacteria-based oral therapy for colorectal cancer.

Behind Venture Kick is the Gebert Rüf Stiftung, which has been devoted to driving innovation in Switzerland since 1998. The foundation supports start-ups to the tune of CHF 15 million annually, helping many, such as Planted, Cimeworks, Versantis and Bloom Biorenewables, to realise their ideas and become global players.

Startupticker has also benefited from the foundation’s support, which enables the news platform to provide daily updates from the Swiss start-up ecosystem and achieve its projects. As the foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary, we take the opportunity to express our gratitude for its support in helping us elevate the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

Finally, some upcoming events and deadlines: the annual Start Summit conference takes place on 23 and 24 March in St. Gallen. Start-ups will have a chance to compete in the Start Summiteer Award for which registration is open until 28 February – as is registration for ESA BIC Switzerland and the Digital Commerce Award. Applications for the swissnex Bootcamp in Brazil and the Female Innovator of the Year award close this weekend.

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