The new CTI Startup Label holders are…

The CTI Startup Label is once again in the hands of five innovative startups. Lunaphore, Nexilis, Pingen, Relish Brothers and Sintratec received the CTI Label.

The CTI Startup Label is awarded to startups that have successfully completed all the three stages of the CTI coaching process. It acts as a seal of quality, success and proves that the startup is mature and ready to conquer the market. This week, the CTI Label was awarded to five startups from the industries: medtech, internet and software, hardware and music.

The new CTI Label companies are:

Lunaphore was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The company has developed an innovative tissue diagnostic platform for the analysis and classification of tumours based on a microfluidic technology. This product can analyse tumours much faster than devices used today. This opens a door to personalised cancer therapies. At the moment labs hospitals and research and service labs are testing the prototype. It is planned to bring the platform to production level in 2016.

NEXILIS AG is a Grenchen based start-up developing proprietary device products for fixation of implants in poor bone quality. The company has designed two main systems; the Immediate Stabilisation System (ISS), which is based on the application of an implantable polymeric tube around the original implant. The other product is the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Coating, which allows coating of implants with a native extracellular matrix, leading to significantly improved long-term stabilisation of implants.

Pingen GmbH is offering a cloud based solution to send electronic documents as postal letters. Users can deliver files via mail, web, API, Dropbox etc. The documents are then printed locally in enterprise grade print facilities. Pingen has established itself quickly in Switzerland and is currently operating in Germany, Austria and India. The startup has already over 2,400 customers and is wholly owned by the founding team.

Relish Brothers AG is based in Kriens. Two Swiss luthiers, musicians and entrepreneurs with a passion for music joined hands to establish Relish Brothers in 2013. They have designed and developed two innovative electronic guitars called Jane and Mary with a unique soun thanks to the combination of the materials and its construction. The bodies are a sandwich construction. The vibrance of the whole guitar is way different than on any other guitar construction. The Guitar has attracted a lot of attention from both the musicians and the press.

Sintratec AG, is a high-tech start-up that has developed the first laser 3D printer in a desktop format. This solution enables professional customers to utilize the full potential of professional additive manufacturing and create functional prototypes with superior mechanical properties. Following successful results and continued demand, the start-up developed a second product, “the Sintratec S1 printer”. This can be used to develop high-end quality products for professional users.