The Joinup startup job portal goes live

With Joinup, startups now have access to a pool of qualified candidates from leading Swiss universities. The new startup jobs platform has today gone live with close to 160 registered users and 30 job offers. 

The ETH Entrepreneur Club, in collaboration with Swisspreneur, has developed the job platform Joinup to help startups speedily find qualified personnel and enable graduates from Swiss universities to get access to startup job opportunities in Switzerland.

Startups are on a constant hunt for the best team members to support them in building successful ventures. Finding a suitable candidate with the required skills is rather challenging as startups do not enjoy the same high level of recognition among students and young professionals as large companies. Conversely, several graduates seek fulfilling practical experience in innovative and promising startups; however, getting an overview of all existing opportunities remains is a hurdle. 

Elaborating on the outstanding challenge, Pascal Küng, Project Leader of Joinup, said: «Many graduates are not exposed to the startup world, and therefore they have no idea of the opportunities available for them. Moreover, there is currently no central platform for exploring the startup job market without browsing though many web pages. For startups, standing out as a good employer and to make their job offers more visible in the already dense job portals is particularly difficult.”

By launching Joinup, the two non-profit organisations close this gap and envision the portal as a central startup job platform in Switzerland. The platform promises an easy-to-use system allowing startups to directly get contacted when candidates apply, requiring no additional system. For graduates, Joinup will provide a better overview of startup job offers and more. The platform is free for use for startups, students and job seekers – thanks to the sponsorship provided to the ETH Entrepreneur Club. All members will also have access to services offered by the club such as the speed-dating event.

A growing number of users
Since the soft launch two weeks ago, Joinup has already registered 60 startups, 30 job offers and overall, it has 160 users. While it continues to grow its number of users, the Joinup team plans to increase its value for the ecosystem and expand the features such as automatically matching student skills with job profiles to speed up hiring. 

Thanks to the ETH Entrepreneur Club's connections to the universities, startups on Joinup will have access to an excellent talent pool. The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab of ETH Zurich, EPFL, Startup@HSG and the University of Zurich will support the project. With Swisspreneur, Switzerland's largest startup podcast, as a partner, Joinup enjoys additional support from a well-connected player in the Swiss startup ecosystem. 

(Press release/RAN)