The first Nanotech startup Award goes to Resistell


The Swiss Nano- and Microtechnology Network has selected Resistell as the «Best Swiss Nanotechnology Startup 2018». With a cash prize of CHF 10’000, Resistell becomes the first company to receive the startup award.


This year, the organising committee of the Swiss Nano- and Microtechnology Network (Swiss MNT network) launched the first Nanotech startup competition held within the framework of the two-day Swiss NanoConvention (SNC), an event bringing together different players to discuss the latest trends in the sector.

The selection jury nominated eight finalists including InterAx Biotech, IRsweep, INOFEA, NanoLockin, Nanogence, Resistell AG, MBX, and LSPR AG to present their solutions to the audience at the SNC. The jury was most convinced with Resistell. The startup received a cash prize of CHF 10’000.

Resistell proposes a new approach to determine bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which significantly reduces the time to results and thus benefits the patient and the healthcare system. It allows faster diagnosis, which can reduce the morbidity, time spent in the hospital as well as the overall cost of treatment. The method shortens the time needed for an antibiotic susceptibility test (AST), from days to hours, as it does not rely on bacterial growth.

About the Swiss NanoConvention
The Swiss NanoConvention is a conference organised by the ETH Zurich, Empa and NTB Buchs in partnership with Innosuisse. The conference brings together Swiss and international leaders from science and industry in the field of «nano», key figures in innovation and technology, entrepreneurs, investors, administrators and politicians. The event offers a platform for connecting people, networking, debating and exchanging ideas – or even generating new ones in nanotechnology.

Photo: L-R: Danuta Cichocka, CEO of Resistell and Christian Schönenberger, president of the Swiss MNT Network.