The fintech roadshow to kick off in November with ten startups

The ten selected Swiss fintech startups will kick off their business development journey to London in November to explore the market potential of their solutions in the UK. They will visit London, Europe's most dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem and represent Sitzwerland at Fintech Confect, a two-day conference for the fintech sector.

Organised for the fifth edition time, Venture Leaders Fintech is a week-long business development team for ambitious startups seeking to increase their presence and boost their growth on the international stage. The program helps selected startups meet industry experts, investors, and potential customers. From November 28 - December 02, ten startups will travel to the UK and attend the Fintech Expo in London, a vibrant venue allowing startups to cultivate their network and expand their reach.

The following startups will benefit from the upcoming roadshow:

AIDONIC AG | Severiyos Aydin | Zug –is an end-to-end payments infrastructure and data management platform for humanitarian organizations to accelerate financial inclusion with real-time impact tracking. AIDONIC empowers philanthropic actors to deliver aid faster, cheaper, and fully transparently, powered by blockchain technology.

Amnis Treasury Service AG | Miachel Wüst | Zurich – aims to reshape international banking for SMEs across Europe. In addition to currency exchange and cross-border payments, the global business account includes real-time P2P transfers and individual IBAN accounts to receive funds in 20+ currencies, beginning with a free starter plan.

Aktionariat AG | Nicola Plain | | Zurich – offers a technical solution that allows shares to be tokenized and easily traded by using the Ethereum Blockchain. Aktionariat not only enables tokenization for business customers, but also creates their own decentralized and automated marketplace.

grape insurance AG | Gregory Inauen | Zurich – is a digital B2B insurer. As a next-gen insurance company, grape provides its enterprise customers insurance contracts bundled with a B2B SaaS product that saves them time managing their claims, enhances absences management, and improves their employees' health.

Fidentity AG | Thorsten Hau | Berne – creates trust between two parties by providing digital identification and signing at the highest level of legal compliance in an integrated solution. fidentity is extremely simple to use and provides highest security coupled with flexible modes of integration.

Leva Capital Partners AG | Cosimo Donati | | Zurich
LEVA is an award-winning online platform enabling the establishment and management of investment syndicates. In less than two years, business angels, wealth managers, family offices, and fund managers from all over Europe have launched over 250 syndicates on the LEVA platform.

Efrontier Markets SA (Money Masters) | David Giron | Geneva – aims to make financial education accessible, fun, and simple through gamified and interactive education platform that makes it easy to learn about money..”

nobank | Kristina Morf | Zug –  believes that non-custodial wallets are essential for the future of Web3. Existing wallets are still too complicated to onboard the next billion users, which is why nobank makes Web3 accessible and genuinely useful to everyone by offering the simplest way to interact directly with assets on the blockchain.

MARK Investment Holding AG (Splint Invest) | Aurelio Perucca | Zug – empowers individual investors by providing a sustainable platform that makes alternative assets accessible for everyone through fractional investing.

Zemp Business Solutions AG | Oliver Zemp | Lucerne – reinvents tired stationary retail to a mobile global sales platform for every mobile device user in the world. Converging POS and PAY into one seamless intuitive retail solution for B2C or B2B, it is available as a standalone app or integrated in any payment, banking or service product.

Meet the venture leaders
This year’s Venture Leaders Fintech will introduce themselves and their startups at a virtual kickoff session on November 2, 2022. This event will be open to the public and will showcase the 10 game-changing innovations that the 2022 Swiss National Startup Team will present in London. Register here.

(Press release/RAN)