The entrepreneurial journey continues


After establishing and leading their startups, three entrepreneurs are now changing roles to become members of the board of directors at other startups. Zippsafe, Hi-D and Novaremed will benefit from this expertise.



Members on the board of directors (BoD), through their expertise and ideas, take on the responsibility to groom a startup to make it successful. While some members may be from established companies, others have founded and run their own. The following former founders have joined startups’ BoD.

From Hocoma to Zippsafe
Zippsafe, provider of flexible storage solutions has appointed Gery Colombo, the founder and CEO of Hocoma, a leading global provider of rehabilitation solutions, to its Chairman of the board as of 1. August. After completing his doctorate in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at ETH Zurich, Gery worked as a research manager at Balgrist University Hospital for several years after. Together with two friends, he founded Hocomo, which is now active worldwide with five branches and over 160 employees. With his know-how, innovative spirit and wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, he will actively support the further development and expansion of Zippsafe.

From Xeltis to Hi-D Imaging
Hi-D Imaging, an ETH Spinoff developing an AI-based pre-operational planning platform for cardiologists welcomed Laurent Grandidier to its board. Laurent is a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded, scaled several startups, an investment fund and led subsidiaries of large multinationals. He currently supports funds, boards and family offices on strategic subjects and advises multiple startups at Innosuisee. In his latest entrepreneurial venture at Xeltis, Laurent transformed the young company into a preeminent international medical device startup overseeing the development of products in clinical trials on three continents, building a world-class team and closing multiple IP transactions. Before Xeltis, Laurent was responsible for global commercialisation, portfolio management and strategic business initiatives at Endosense, acquired by St Jude Medical for 320mUSD. He held senior leadership positions at several brand name global companies including Teleflex Medical, Guidant, Boston Scientific and Procter & Gamble. His expertise will thence add considerable value to Hi-D.

From Santhera Pharmaceuticals to Novaremed
Novaremed is Basel based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing NRD.E1, an orally active non-opioid small molecule with a new mechanism of action for the treatment of Diabetic Neuropathic Pain (DNP). The startup has appointed three new board members, including Thomas Meier, a dynamic life sciences entrepreneur who established Santhera Pharmaceuticals (SIX Exchange: SANN) as a successful Biotech/Specialty Pharma company in Switzerland. In the past 20 years, he held executive positions (CSO and CEO) and successfully supported or executed mergers, acquisitions, product licensing and turn-around situations. Since 2017 he is member of Santhera’s Board of Directors. He is an internationally recognised scientist with a track record in clinical research of orphan diseases.

Eliahu Kaplan, the founder, former board member and CEO of Novaremed Ltd as well as former CEO and Chief Innovator of Novaremed AG together with Benyamin Sidon, the Investment Advisor at Gefen Biomed Investments joined the BoD.

Role change at Allthings: From CEO to member of the board
At the prop-tech startup Allthings, the Stefan Zanetti has handed over his position as CEO to Eric Aplyn, the former Chief Product Officer in the same company. Stefan will take on a new role as executive president of the BoD at Allthings to focus on strategic tasks and cooperation with major customers and partners

Bestmile welcomes a Zipcar, Ford and General Motors Executive
Next to the members of the BoDs, advisory members play a vital role in supporting startups with their expertise. Bestmile, provider of a fleet orchestration platform will benefit from the know-how of Dan Grossman, a seasoned entrepreneur that has led innovative startups in the mobility sector. He has acted as the CEO at Zagster and Chariot, VP of micro-transit at Ford, COO of Maven at General Motors, and early leader at Zipcar.