The cleantech Swiss National Team is complete

The new segment of the Venture Leaders roadshow takes ten selected startups to Munich to explore the international market and the potential of their businesses. The 10 nominees reduce human-made negative environmental impact by increasing energy efficiency, developing sustainable resources production systems, or bolstering environmental protection.

During the roadshow, the Venture Leaders Cleantech startups will embark on an accelerated growth course thanks to the market exposure, feedback from investors and experts, hands-on business development, and exchanges with their team peers. They will also meet international investors and industry leaders, and access industry-specific expertise and networks to grow their companies.

The jury reviewed almost 90 applications to nominate the 10 ten most outstanding companies for the Venture Leaders Cleantech tour to Munich from 17 - 21 October 2022. The startups will introduce their solutions to the audience at a virtual pitch on 9 September. Registration for the event is open.

The ten startups are:

Meet the Venture Leaders Cleantech 2022

Clemap | Zürich – offers a platform for system integrators and metering providers to manage and control energy flows, improving self-consumption and supporting the electrical grid infrastructure.

CompPair Technologies SA | Lausanne – has developed the first healable and sustainable composite material, a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites that brings vital changes to manufacturers, end-users, and the planet.

dhp technology AG | Zizers – develops, produces, and builds a unique and patented solar folding roof that enables the dual use of industrial space for solar power production.

Enerdrape Sàrl | Lausanne – supports building owners and energy professionals with their assets’ energy transition. The startup develops the world’s first thermal panel for underground environments that turns them into renewable heat sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

Exnaton AG | Zürich – helps energy providers to get ready for the energy market of tomorrow with a SaaS platform that empowers energy providers to offer a suite of new products around renewables to their customers.

FenX AG | Turgi – produces sustainable and high-performance insulation made from mineral waste for the building industry. These handy and high-performance insulation panels are safe, non-flammable, and have a minimal carbon footprint, eliminating the need to compromise on price, flammability, or ecological impact.

INERGIO Technologies SA | Lausanne– introduces an autonomous lightweight power system based on innovative fuel cell technology as a green alternative for diesel engines.

Regli Energy Systems AG | Glattbrugg – engineers and produces uncompromising, highly efficient heat pumps to drive the heating transition to support the goal of Net Zero 2050.

SoHHytec SA | Lausanne – designs, develops, builds, and operates artificial gardens and forests that provide green hydrogen and power as a service. The startup’s ‘Arb’ product is a versatile and flexible system that utilizes sunlight and water to achieve efficiencies of over 70% while requiring minimal space.

Trea-Tech | Lausanne – transforms waste from a liability into a resource by providing a sustainable and circular solution by producing methane-rich renewable gas, clean water, and fertilizers from liquid waste streams.

(Press release/RAN)