The AIT Brazil and Colombia startups revealed


The Academia-Industry Training (AIT) program helps Swiss sciencepreneurs in transforming high-level applied research into market applications and helping them enter foreign markets. The AIT jury has now revealed the nine startups travelling to Brazil and eight to Colombia.


The AIT an initiative by the Leading House for the Latin American Region, Startup@HSG, and swissnex Brazil aims to help Swiss startup talents to innovate and develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. Through a one-week acceleration camp, teams are exposed to selected markets in addition to offering training to help them transform high-level applied research into market applications. The main objectives of the program include helping participants to advance business plans, establish contacts with the industry, clarify intellectual property issues, network at an international level, and foster new partnerships and collaborations. This year, two AIT programs have been organized. For the AIT Brazil the selected teams will travel for a training camp in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in November 2019, followed by a one-week training camp in Switzerland, scheduled in April 2020. The second camp is AIT Colombia in which the teams will participate in a one-week training camp starting in Switzerland in October 2019 followed by a one-week camp in Bogotá and Medellín in Colombia in February 2020. The selected AIT teams in their designated programs are; AIT Brazil Rea: Loulia Kasem and Erick Garcia, EPFL – The first non-invasive test for pregnant women to diagnose the risk of preterm birth whenever and wherever they want. Decentriq: Nikolas Molyndris, HSG – the company enables companies to do analytics on sensitive data without breaching any privacy. Eracle Therapeutic: Simon Breitler, UZH & Havard University – is working on overcoming the metabolic syndrome by bringing their new anti-obesity drug to patients worldwide. Depoly: Samantha Lynn Anderson, EPFL – chemically recycle PET plastic back to its main chemical components. Legendiary Foods: Raffael Wohlgensinger, HSG – leverages new approaches in biotechnology and food science to produce real milk products without cows to improve the sustainability of our food system. Nebulo Systems: Hana Samet, EPFL – aims to revolutionize the home security system, by bringing the super effective fog technology to the masses. Nanoglue: Sabastian Loy, ETH Zurich & Empa St. Gallen – In a world where every 10th skin transplant fails and deadly superbug infections are becoming the norm, we harness cutting-edge nanotechnology to ensure skin transplant survival for millions of patients worldwide. Planted: Pascal Bieri, HSG – creates tasty ‘meat’ directly and only from plants - and skips the animal in its process. Our plant-based meat is all-natural, sustainable, high in protein, healthy and cruelty-free. Annaida Technologies: Gaurasundar Marc Conley, EPFL – develops high tech solutions to tackle the problem of low success rates in In Vitro Fertilization. AIT Colombia MoSan: Mona Chirie Mijthab, ZHdK – A transportable dry toilet and ecological sanitation service for densely populated settlements and challenging environments worldwide. Rigi Tech: David Rovira Gurrera, EPFL – a pioneering drone technology company developing next-generation logistics vehicles for faster, easier and eco-friendly deliveries, enabling universal access to goods to communities, governments and private businesses. Agrosustain: Florian Guignard, Agroscope & Université de Lausanne (UNIL) – develops and brings to market natural solutions to stop and prevent the development of molds on agronomically important crops in post-harvest. Fenx: Enrico Scoccimarro, ETH Zurich - transforms mineral waste into high-performance, safe and sustainable insulation foams for the building industry. MeduSoil: Dimitrios Terzis, EPFL – the EPFL spin-off and applies the world's first ground bio-stabilization technology to mineralize carbonate binder underground. Yasai: Mark Essam Zahran, ETH Zurich – designs, builds and operates Vertical Farms all around the world: Grow more with less. Gilytics: Philippe Bieri, ETH Zurich – is committed to provide a fast computing and 3D visualization technology for complex planning of transportation and energy infrastructures and to increase the public participation and social acceptance between public authorities and local communities involved in a project. Dronistics: Sebastian Fifanski, EPFL – enables companies to scale safe & reliable last-mile drone delivery services.(RAN)photo: Unsplash