Terra Quantum upsizes series A round to $75m

After raising one of the largest funding rounds in the global quantum space in January 2022, Terra Quantum has obtained an additional $15 million for its series A financing round. Furthermore, the startup’s research team have unveiled a ground-breaking solution to the longstanding challenge of efficient power devices for nanoelectronics.

Supported by new investors with deep roots in financial services, Terra Quantum’s series A investment will strengthen its offering around data cryptography and cybersecurity. “The extension of our Series A and our remarkable breakthrough around negative capacitance only further illustrates our strong trajectory and commitment to leading the global quantum revolution. We are delighted to have even more investors on board who share our vision,” said Markus Pflitsch, founder and CEO of Terra Quantum.

Based in Zurich, Terra Quantum AG is a “Quantum as a Service” company focusing on Quantum Algorithms-as-a-Service, Computing-as-a-Service, and Quantum Security-as-a-Service. The company’s research team is now exploring the nontrivial physics of ferroelectricity, opening up the realisation of future super-low-power transistors the size of human DNA for the first time. The team has devised the specific design for the field-effect transistor, exploiting the phenomenon known as “negative capacitance.” This breakthrough marks an important step in the development of quantum computer designs and nanotech as it enables enhanced spectroscopy, intra-chip communications, new quantum computer architectures, and 6G mobile communications.

The breakthrough solution will also have positive implications for the long-sought-after terahertz frequency-based electronics. In health and safety, advanced terahertz spectroscopy enabled by Terra Quantum’s ferroelectric devices will offer unprecedented diagnostic tools, like non-invasive techniques for the early detection of cancer, ex-vivo spectroscopy and the imaging of tissues (biopsy), preventive healthcare and blood testing, diagnostics of osteoarthritis, arthritis, and many others.

“Our research is another giant leap towards ushering in the next generation of technology. Harnessing negative capacitors and leveraging them in electronic circuits paves the way for a new generation of transistors and optoelectronic resonators. These serve as the foundation of key technologies such as computer chips that power everything from cars to medical equipment,” commented Valerii Vinokur, CTO, Terra Quantum.

(Press release/RAN)