Tenity selects three Swiss start-ups for its Incubation Program

Nine early-stage startups from six countries have been selected for the upcoming Tenity Incubation Program starting in Zurich in March. The selected companies receive an initial CHF50k investment from the Tenity Incubation Fund II.

Nine startups impressed Tenity during the rigorous application process, culminating with in-person Selection Days in Zurich in January 2024. The companies were selected from a pool of more than 400 applications globally. They are building promising solutions in the areas of Wealth Management, ESG, Cyber Security and Investment Management.

For the next four months, the startups will go through an intensive program, including workshops and events on topics such as product-market fit, marketing, and fundraising. In addition to 1:1 support from the Tenity team, the program provides access to guidance and support from Tenity's wide ecosystem, including 280+ alumni, 200+ mentors, and an extensive network of 170+ investors. The program will culminate in a Demo Day event on June 13, 2024. 

Meet the 9 startups selected for the Tenity Incubation Batch 12:

Newbridge | Switzerland
Newbridge enables financial institutions to unlock the potential of crypto asset management. Thier AI-driven SaaS platform equips asset managers with the tools and insights needed to master the end-to-end lifecycle of crypto assets.

Rezonanz | Switzerland
Rezonanz is developing software solutions aimed at measuring the impact of responsible investment practices and enhancing the effectiveness of investment stewardship.

Zurichberg | Switzerland
Zurichberg’s platform allows for fractional investments up to full ownership of luxury timepieces. With easy-to-understand, data-driven insights and real-time valuation, they bring transparency to the watch investment market.

Arca | Spain
Arca provides a comprehensive solution for implementing Employment Pension Plans, making the process of saving both accessible and easily understandable for everyone.

CyberTide | Germany
CyberTide are revolutionizing data security with AI, ensuring businesses in regulated sectors (financial and insurance) maintain compliance and protect their sensitive information seamlessly.

Darksquare | United Kingdom
Darksquare is an investment platform for individuals which focuses on alternative, private market investment opportunities. Darksquare’s platform allows its customers to better diversify their portfolios, whilst offering them the opportunity to generate strong risk-adjusted returns.

Kapnative | Germany
Kapnative is dedicated to empowering advisors to unlock the immense opportunities within the private market sector. By broadening access, they are providing investors with entry to an expansive range of private market assets, including Private Equity, Venture Capital Funds, Private Debt, and Hedge Funds.

Lendit | Italy
Lendit is a credit sharing platform where businesses and professionals can lend and apply for microloans easily, quickly, and on a customized basis. Through innovative embedded lending technology, financial institutions and B2B partners, can integrate Lendit's services, offering credit services to their customers directly from their platform, thereby increasing customer retention.

MITI | Estonia
MITI has created an autopilot for financial institutions’ regulatory compliance that helps to streamline regulatory compliance, mitigate risks and ensure up-to-date quality.

Applications are now open for Incubation Batch 13 in Switzerland, Batch 4 in the Nordics and Batch 8 in Singapore. Interested startups can apply on the Tenity website.

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