Ten venture leaders to visit the Chinese Innovation Hubs


For the fifth time Venture lab brings ten innovative Swiss startups to China for a ten-day business development trip. The startups will have the opportunity to explore the Chinese market as they fundraise across mainland China and Hong Kong. The cohort will also visit the summer World Economic Forum in Dalian.


The 2019 Swiss National Team to China comprises of startups from fields of medtech, drones, business and consumer software, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, IoT and nanotechnology. During their ten-day trip, the startups will immerse themselves into the Chinese market, participate in intense pitching and networking sessions as well as meet with China's technology investors and leaders in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing. The ten winners include: Beekeeper AG, Daniel SztutwojnerTwo billion people in the global workforce do not work at a desk and are not given corporate email addresses. Beekeeper’s mission is to transform the way such frontline employees work with a mobile-first communication platform that reaches every shift, location, and language through real-time one-on-one and group messaging. Exploris Health AG, Peter RuffCoronary heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. Cardioexplorer is the first simple, accurate, non-invasive, AI-supported cardiovascular test for detection/exclusion of life-threatening constrictions of the heart arteries, the main cause of heart attacks. Flybotix, Samir BouabdallahMandatory inspections of oil and gas industry infrastructure are expensive. Flybotix is developing a drone, combining the flight-time of larger quadcopters with the maneuverability of smaller drones, to fly inside narrow shafts and ducts. Holo one AG, Dominik TrostMuch of current augmented reality technology is trapped in expensive custom apps. Holo|one has developed a standardized AR-platform, sphere to encompass the most-common use cases that industrial manufacturers, OEMs and architects can integrate with ease. IDUN Technologies AG, Simon BachmannThe Zurich based startup is developing and manufacturing soft and stretchable dry electrodes for biometric and stimulation wearables. The patent-pending surface structure of these electrodes provides high-quality signals with skin-friendly materials without electrolyte gel. LORIOT AG, Yannik KoppThe Internet of Things is disrupting every industry sector. LORIOT provides the secure, reliable and scalable LoRaWAN network servers IoT clients need to deploy more quickly and more cheaply. Lymphatica Medtech SA, Marco PisanoMore than 16 million people have chronic lymphedema, a common, debilitating and incurable side effect of cancer therapies. Lymphatica has patented the first implantable system for chronic lymphedema treatment that replaces the draining function of the damaged lymphatic vessels. Piavita AG, Dorina ThiessEquine vets are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to monitoring and diagnosing their patients. Piavita has developed a diagnostic system that enables the remote, long-term and precise monitoring of horses' vital signs. Tomplay LLC, Alexis SteinmannLearning an instrument can be a difficult process and paper sheet music doesn't meet musicians' needs. As a result, many learners give-up. Tomplay's interactive sheet music lets musicians practice accompanied by high-quality audio recordings, with an automatically scrolling on-screen score. Touchless Automation GmbH, Maurizio MiglioreThe startup invented a novel tool that can manipulate components of any material, without touching them. Based on this technology, the company builds an industrial machine for the manipulation and inspection of photonics, MEMS and micro-optical components. Meet the Startup Champions on May 23rdTheVenture Leaders China roadshow takes place from June 24th to July 4th. The general audience will have the opportunity to meet the Venture Leaders China 2019 team at the Startup Champions night on May 23rd at ETH Zurich. (Press release)