Ten Venture Leaders brace for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

In February 2022, ten Swiss technology startups will attend the annual Mobile World Congress as part of the week-long venture leaders roadshow. The program aims to introduce innovative mobile startups from Switzerland to international investors and telecom industry leaders. 

An expert jury that includes professional investors and mobile technology experts reviewed 90 applications to choose the 10 Venture Leaders Mobile 2022. The selected startups provide innovative solutions that advance areas such as digital health, infrastructure, chip cooling, security, and analytics.

From 28 February – 3 March 2022, the cohort will attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the world’s largest and most important event for the mobile industry, hosting over 1,000+ exhibitors from 140 countries. The 10 startups will each get a booth at the 4YFN startup conference. Visiting the main fair and meetings with investors, industry leaders, and potential clients in exclusive networking and pitch events will help the startups accelerate their growth. Venture Leaders Mobile is organized by Venturelab and supported by Huawei, Swisscom, and VISCHER.

Venture Leaders Mobile 2022

Adresta│Zurich – provides vast SaaS for brands to redefine the ownership experience by creating NFTs for their physical products owned by the end consumer. The NFTs connect the brand, owner, and third parties to a mobile-first digital ecosystem with facilitated after-sales processes and value-adding services, such as insurance, at their fingertips.

Corintis│Zurich – Powerful chips generate a lot of heat, and the current methods to cool down these chips limit performance and have an enormous environmental impact. Corintis offers disruptive microfluidic cooling to support digital infrastructure and enable the next generation of sustainable computing.

IMVERSE│Geneva – is a software company with the vision to power the live Metaverse thanks to VOXELS: Users can holoport themselves as a 3D hologram from their phone or laptop into a remote work virtual session, stream to Twitch with exciting 3D visual effects, or enjoy a holographic call on their mobile device.

INERGIO│Lausanne – introduces a systematic way toward the green energy transition by miniaturizing a fuel cell technology for electrical power generation, allowing off-grid and mobile applications. INERGIO’s solution offers a 10x more power-to-weight ratio than the most comparable technologies.

LORIOT│Thalwil – a secure, reliable, and scalable LoRaWAN [Long Range Wide Area Network] operator and service provider. The solution allows operating large-scale IoT networks through a global infrastructure. Already present in 152 countries, LORIOT’s mission is to enable IoT everywhere and make it accessible to everyone worldwide.

Pathmate Technologies│Zurich – empowers people with high blood pressure to live happier and healthier lives. The company’s AI-based chatbot “Manoa” combines the power of data, behavioural science, and smart devices to provide highly personalized and scalable support for the over 1.3 billion people living with high blood pressure.

Perspective Robotics (Fotokite) │ Zurich – Fotokite helps public safety teams save lives with elevated and actionable intelligence at the push of a button. Fully autonomous and field-proven, Fotokite solutions are used daily by firefighters and first responders to assess, visualize, and document their incidents within seconds of arriving on the scene.

SHAREKEY Swiss│Zug – is an all-in-one and easy-to-use collaboration app designed to secure business privacy: The solution allows executives, board members, legal and financial staff to share confidential information, negotiate, and approve documents inside and outside of an organization—anywhere and on any device.

Technis│Lausanne – delivers analytics solutions in the retail, education, and industrial market: The company digitalizes all physical infrastructures—such as customers journey, conversion rate, people flow, and engagement rate with products—with complete hardware to software solutions.

TYXIT│Yverdon-les-Bains – provides a unique SaaS platform for performers and fans to reach real-time interaction in the music and gaming industries. The company’s unique ultra-low-latency solution enables remote jam sessions and protects the content creation through NFT generation.

(Press release/RAN)