Ten technology startups brace for Silicon Valley

An expert jury for the venture leaders program Technology has chosen ten promising technology startups that will travel to Silicon Valley in April. The week-long roadshow will connect them with investors and industry experts, and attend various events to expand their network and make their presence known internationally. Meet the startups at the kickoff event on February 22.

The roadshow in Silicon Valley provides selected Swiss startups with the opportunity to accelerate their expansion in the US while expanding their professional network and profiting from workshops with investors and industry leaders.

Out of the 150 submitted applications, the Venture Leaders Technology selection committee has selected 10 startups that best represent Switzerland’s innovation drive and vitality. The startups are working on a wide range of solutions, from machine learning and sensors to encryption and positioning technology, and serve a variety of sectors, such as agriculture, healthcare, digital marketing, and engineering.

The entrepreneurs will meet and introduce themselves to the public during the virtual kick-off event on February 22, 2023.

The Venture Leaders Technology 2023

ecoRobotix SA | Yverdon-les-Bains
The startup collects and analyzes plant-level data using cameras and AI/ML and applies precision spraying of crop protection chemicals. It reduces chemical use by 95%, massively reducing CO2 footprint, improving biodiversity and crop yields.

Fixposition AG | Schlieren
Fixposition’s products provide autonomous guidance systems with high-precision positioning that excels in challenging environments, whether indoors and outdoors. Easy to integrate, the solution boosts the performance of in autonomous machines, reduces time-to-market, and simplifies development.

Lightly AG | Zurich
The startup’s state-of-the-art active learning platform helps scale machine-learning pipelines by identifying the most interesting data samples. Combining different inputs, such as embeddings, predictions, and metadata with algorithms such as coreset and uncertainty sampling, helps cut costs while improving model accuracy.

Lyfegen HealthTech AG | Basel
The Swiss-based international healthcare company’s platform enables manufacturers and healthcare payers to define and agree on pricing conditions for various treatments and automatically execute these contracts based on specific real-world patient outcomes.

Magnes AG | Zurich
The startup is at the forefront of digitalizing rehabilitation with a novel sensing technology that measures the strength and progress of patients. Measuring forces is key for effective rehabilitation and fast recovery especially for orthopedic or neurological diseases or injuries of the lower extremities.

Neural Concept SA | Lausanne
Neural Concept Shape eliminates the trade-off between product quality and development time, using 3D deep-learning algorithms. It uses predictive models to simplify processes and emulate simulation engineers' expertise, by transferring it to design engineers early in the development process.

nexoya AG | Zurich
Nexoya uses machine learning to help digital marketers make data-driven decisions about the allocation of ad spending with the power of AI. Connecting to clients’ marketing tools, Nexoya provides a holistic view of campaigns across channels and maximizes conversions by 30%.

Smeetz SA | Renens
The startup provides a unified solution platform are designed to help boost sales and revenue. It includes integrated payments and user-friendly back office specifically designed to streamline ticketing operations by connecting online and onsite sales.

Tune Insight SA | Lausanne
Tune Insight orchestrates secure collaborations on sensitive or confidential data across organizations and enables collective analytics and federated machine learning. They leverage multiparty homomorphic encryption, serving customers across sectors, such as healthcare, cybersecurity, and financial services.

Virtuosis Artificial Intelligence SA | Lausanne
Virtuosis enhances team collaboration and well-being at work with their privacy-focused AI that analyzes the voice and provides real-time feedback about communication. It replaces self-reports and manual input with automated measurements.

(Press release/RAN)