Ten Swiss startups to explore Sub-Saharan Africa


Venturelab has selected 10 startups that will participate in the first online Africa Market Discovery program from October 12 to 14. The cohort will explore market opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa through workshops and meetings with the local players.



For the third year in a row, 10 Swiss startups that are active in agritech, IoT, cleantech, and medtech will participate in the Africa Market Discovery Camp. The online program aims to boost the entrepreneurial know-how and exposure of Swiss sciencepreneurs seeking growth opportunities with and in Sub-Saharan Africa. The camp includes workshops with local business experts and sessions with startups from all across Sub-Saharan Africa to support each other in defining local market entry in their respective markets. The program revolves around the participation at the Afrilabs Annual Gathering event in Marrakesh where a Swiss-African Business Corner has been reserved for hosting peer-to-peer meetings.  

The Africa Market Discovery Camp takes place parallel to the advanced entrepreneurship training for Sub-Saharan startups, a workshop culminating with the selection of 10 startups that will attend an intense business development program in Switzerland early next year.  

The participating startups in the camp are:

Afridom – is blockchain-based banking solution offering a multi-currency wallet for managing, trading, earning and paying with crypto and fiat.

Global NeoNat – aims to develop and deploy an essential infant incubator and phototherapy unit, affordable, functional and adapted to the context of developing countries.

Project Circleg – developed an affordable lower limb prosthetic system from recycled plastic for amputees in developing countries, with an initial focus on Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Agrolina – offers an online decision support tool with its enhanced meteorological, climatic, soil and crop growth forecast for farmers. The tool is adapted to local conditions.

Bitlumens – is a SaaS energy access and financial inclusion solution, which aims at electrifying rural areas by combining LoraWan and the blockchain. The company’s smart meter enables users to pay for and manage their electricity bills.

caresocius AG – supports clinics and overseas treatment centres as well as patients with selected service and booking options for specific and high-quality health services around the world.

Cassiopee – offers digital-Health platforms for eSports and eHealth monitoring. Its products include a wearable psychological stress sensing and evaluation technology and a Monitoring System for athletes.

OxyPrem AG – is developing a bain oxygen monitoring solution for high-risk preterm infants.

Risklick: id developing AI solutions enabling analysis and mitigation of clinical trial risks in protocol design phase 

SoHHytec SA – provides a renewable system for onsite production of solar Fuel (Hydrogen, Oxygen) and Power (Electricity, Heat).

(Press release/RAN)