Ten Swiss sciencepreneurs to explore Singapore

The next chapter of the Academic-Industry Training program will bring ten selected startups from the universities of Bern, Zurich, the EPFL and ETH to Singapore, enabling them to explore the South-East Asian markets. Starting at the end of February, the startups will learn about business development and practices and meet some of the region’s ecosystem players.

Industry-Academia Training Singapore supports innovators in translating their academic research and knowledge into entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in cross-cultural collaboration and international expansion. In addition to AIT India, the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation (SERI) has mandated ETH Zurich to execute the AIT program for South-East Asia. Together with Venturelab, they organized AIT Singapore, which offers exposure to a vibrant and innovative ecosystem at the centre of Southeast Asia and will help sciencepreneurs learn about accessing ASEAN markets.

The following startups have impressed the jury and met the selection criteria of the quality of the idea, its market potential and the expected benefit of the program for the participants.

Meet the AIT Singapore team for 2023:

Ariya Bio | Mandy Bootanrat | ETH | Biotech – is developing a gene editing CRISPR/Cas9 therapeutic strategy to increase beneficial hemoglobin in hemoglobinopathy patients.

breathe | Thomas Lumpe | ETH | Medtech – wants to improve critical care in low-resource settings with a ventilator design for emergency use.

Drone Imagery | Holly Stäheli | BFH | Engineering – Creating drone sensors for the early detection of black-beetle infestations that will enable forest enterprises and managers to remove infected trees before other trees are affected.

Irmos Technologies | Panagiotis Martakis | ETH | Engineering – deploys AI to prolong the life of buildings and bridges, optimise maintenance planning, and assess structural conditions.

Maven Health | Christopher Wall | EPFL | Medtech – Empowers primary healthcare providers to identify people who are at risk but have not yet been identified by the traditional healthcare system with AI-driven metabolic health predictions.

MY-SENSATION | Noemi Gozzi | ETH | Biotech – is developing a device for nerve stimulation that improves mobility and decreases pain.

NanoDecoder | Sailan Shui | EPFL | Biotech – designs nanopore-based technology for molecular sequencing in food-quality checks and disease diagnosis.

Neuropat | Ruiqing Ni | UZH | Medtech – Aims to create a paradigm shift in the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease with a novel diagnostic imaging biomarker.

Sallea | Christopher Lankhof | ETH | Foodtech – is developing novel cell-growth scaffolds for the cultivation of meat that provides open, hierarchical porosity and free choice of material for enhanced nutrient transport.

SmartVNS – Paulius Viskaitis | ETH | Medtech – Improving rehabilitation with an intelligent, non-invasive form of brain stimulation that uses real-time motion tracking and analysis.

(Press release/RAN)