Ten startups to represent Switzerland at the Mobile World Congress

The 10 Venture Leaders Mobile chosen to represent Swiss innovation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February offers a wide array of solutions that, among others, advance cybersecurity, digital health and mobile components. During the week-long roadshow, they will attend the 4YFN startup event and meet international investors and telecom industry leaders.

An expert jury comprising professional investors and mobile technology experts reviewed 90 applications to choose the 10 Venture Leaders Mobile 2023. From February 25 to March 3, 2023, the Swiss national team will each get a booth at the 4YFN startup conference in the heart of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the world’s largest and most important event for the mobile industry. Visiting the main fair and meetings with investors, industry leaders, and potential clients in exclusive networking and pitch events will help the startups accelerate their growth.

The selected startups are:

Almer Technologies AG │ Bern
Almer is tackling the problem of worldwide service networks by bringing expert know-how to the frontline worker. The company’s proprietary headset and cloud computing solution have attracted customers such as SFS Group and United Grinding Group.

Fusion Lab Technologies Sàrl (biped.ai) │ La Sarraz
biped is a smart AI-powered harness that helps blind and visually impaired people navigate the world safely. Equipped with 3D cameras, it identifies and predicts the trajectories of objects in the environment, providing the wearer with intuitive feedback via bone-conducting headphones.

Futurae Technologies AG │ Zurich
Futurae supports companies with seamless end-user authentication, transaction confirmation, and fraud prevention, securing millions of customers for some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world, online retailers, hospitals, or public institutions.

MinWave Technologies SA │ Crissier
MinWave pioneered an innovative electromagnetic metamaterial design framework for the fabrication of ultra-compact and ultra-light micro- and millimeter-wave radio-frequency filters and antennas. This technology is used in space communication, 5G infrastructure, and other devices.

MPower Ventures AG │ Zurich
MPower is the leading platform for the energy transition in emerging markets. The startup deploys sustainable power infrastructure and facilitates consumer financing for end-users.

NEXTLENS Switzerland AG │ Dietikon
NEXTLENS brings innovative tunable optical components to the mobile phone industry. Its products power DSLR imaging capabilities in mobile phones, including macro, optical image stabilization, and optical zoom.

Resilio SA │ Lausanne
Resilio supports organizations in their transition to digital sobriety. The startup offers a SaaS platform that allows companies to assess the environmental footprint of their IT products and services.

Sleepiz AG │ Zurich
Sleepiz’s mission is to provide patient-centric disease management by seamlessly integrating contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Its product is a device that is simply placed on the bedside table, operates in a non-contact fashion, and measures movements originating from heart contraction, breathing, and body motions.

Swiss Vault AG │ Basel
Swiss Vault engineers innovative Edge data storage software and hardware to reduce data’s CO2 footprint and environmental impact.

xFarm Technologies SA │Manno
Addressing the digitization of the agri-food sector, xFarm provides innovative tools—from an app to analytics tools—that support farmers and stakeholders in managing their businesses.

(Press release/RAN)