Ten startups selected for the Venture Leaders Mobile

The jury of Venture Leaders Mobile 2021 selected 10 start-ups. They represent a range of sectors from digital health to insurtech and advance innovations in artificial intelligence, big data, or blockchain. The selected teams will travel to Barcelona to attend the Mobile World Congress from June 28–July 1, 2021, planned as an in-person event with hybrid experiences.

Venture Leaders Mobile, organized by Venturelab and supported by Huawei, Swisscom, and VISCHER, aims to accelerate the startups’ expansion and help them build global business networks. This year’s call attracted 100 applications from which a jury of professional investors and mobile technology experts selected the ten most outstanding teams to make up the Swiss National Team that will participate in the roadshow to Spain. They will attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest and most important event for the mobile industry.

The schedule for MWC 2021 includes visiting the main fair and meetings with top-notch investors, industry leaders, and potential clients at several of MWC’s key events, such as the 4YFN startup conference. The team will also attend exclusive networking and pitch events and participate in the second Venturelab sailing trophy. 

The following startups will benefit from the program: 

Biospectal丨Eliott Jones丨Lausanne
Biospectal aims to democratize hypertension monitoring and management at a global scale. Biospectal’s pure software solution, OptiBP, measures blood pressure with medical accuracy through the simple process of placing the fingertip on a smartphone camera lens. 

collectID丨David Geisser丨Goldach
collectID combines encrypted, smartphone-ready NFC (near-field communication) tags with secure, immutable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on blockchain to guarantee a product’s authenticity 100% and with just a few taps. collectID thereby enables brands to connect directly with their customers through their products. 

GenomSys丨Alessio Ascari丨Epalinges
GenomSys aims to enable personalized medicine by bringing genomics into the mobile world with clinical-grade solutions. GenomSys’s app, GenomYou, securely stores sequenced DNA and makes relevant analyses available—conveniently accessible on the user’s smartphone. 

Perovskia丨Anand Verma丨Aubonne
Perovskia has developed a digital printing technology to fabricate efficient and stable solar cells in customized designs. The perovskite solar cells uniquely cater to the diverse requirements of the Internet of things, electronic devices, and sensors. 

PXL Vision丨Karim Nemr丨Zurich
PXL Vision provides a technology platform to create and manage trustable digital identities through secure identity verification. The fully automated AI-based solution helps customers around the world to build trust in digital onboarding across industries. 

Resmonics丨Peter Tinschert丨Zurich
Resmonics aims to shift the paradigm in respiratory disease management by providing a convenient early warning system for patients. Resmonics’ product, ResGuard, leverages patients’ smartphones as a tool for monitoring their respiratory system using clinically validated biomarkers. 

Riskwolf丨Thomas Krapf丨Zurich
Riskwolf’s technology platform empowers insurers to close the protection gap for the digital economy when unanticipated internet outages occur. Leveraging independent data sources, Riskwolf allows telecommunications companies (telcos) and internet service providers (ISPs) to better understand their real-time connectivity risks while also embedding parametric insurance protection in their product offering. 

Securaxis丨Gaetan Vannay丨Geneva
Securaxis combines deep AI, IoT, and acoustics to propose the future of urban noise management. Securaxis’s product, SONAL, allows for the detection, localization, recognition, and measurement of noise and specific sounds in urban environments and to turn sound into information. 

Typewise丨David Eberle丨Binningen
Typewise builds the currently fastest growing digital keyboard, leveraging AI text predictions and the capacity to decode human thoughts. Typewise’s keyboard is designed for two-thumb typing, resulting in four times fewer typos and enabling typing in 40+ languages simultaneously while fully protecting the user’s privacy. 

VAY丨Joel Roos丨Zurich
Vay.ai provides a B2B Software-as-a-Service solution for computer-vision-enabled human motion analysis in real-time. Vay.ai’s hardware-agnostic technology serves clients in sports, fitness, and healthcare.