Ten startups on a business voyage in Boston

The Swiss national team for the Venture Leaders Biotech program comprises ten startups that will embark on a business development roadshow in Boston. They will have the opportunity to meet international investors and industry leaders and access industry-specific expertise to grow their ventures. Learn more about the companies at the Swiss Biotech Day.

Selected from over 70 applications by a jury of investors and biotech experts, the ten startups selected for the 18th edition of Venture Leaders Biotech will join the roadshow in Boston, one of the world's most important life science hubs. From May 13 to May 17, 2024, the roadshow will connect the participants with international investors and industry leaders to accelerate the ventures’ expansion in the US market.

Meet the startups and listen to them pitch at the Biotech Swiss Day on 22 April in Basel.

The ten startups are:

Adoram Therapeutics, Geneva, 2022 – is a preclinical stage multi-asset startup discovering next-generation small molecule therapies for cancer, inflammation, and other diseases that are safer and more effective than conventional therapies thanks to an allosteric mode of action.

Allegria Therapeutics, St. Gallen, 2023 – is a biopharma startup dedicated to building a differentiated portfolio of therapeutic approaches around biological targets that selectively modulate mast cells as drivers of allergy and inflammatory disease.

EVIIVE, Zurich, 2022 – aims to revolutionize precision medicine R&D and its application by intercepting the once undetectable cell-to-cell communication to deliver novel actionable biomarkers, aiming for unmatched success in treatments and cures for patients.

inSEIT, Bern, 2022 – is dedicated to the bioinformatic design and enhancement of immobilized enzymes, producing next-generation biocatalysts for the chemical industry. Its focus on sustainability, time to market, and cost-efficiency shapes a greener future.

KYLYS AESTHETICS, Geneva, 2017 – develops a biocompatible hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, designed for superior injectability, long-lasting effects, and stable placement at the injection site. Its patented technology enables injections with an ultra-thin 34G needle, ensuring increased precision, less pain for the patient, and fewer hematomas post-injection.

OBaris, Zurich, 2024 – enables the painless delivery of injectable drugs via the OctoPatch®, a small, needle-free buccal patch inspired by an octopus sucker. Its proprietary platform allows for the simple and painless delivery of various injectable drugs with minimal waste production.

Shape Biopharmaceuticals, Zurich, 2023 – is merging deep immunobiology and medicinal chemistry expertise with innovative computational protein design to deliver next-generation cost-effective immunotherapies that will transform patients’ lives.

TissueLabs, Ticino, 2021 – specializes in advanced biofabrication, providing a comprehensive suite of equipment, biomaterials, and services for the development of lab-grown organs and tissues. Its mission is to streamline biofabrication, facilitating groundbreaking research and therapeutic advancements in the field.

Well Science, Zurich – is committed to revolutionizing respiratory allergy management. Combining the best of nature with innovative science collected over 17 years, the company developed BlossomUp, a first-of-a-kind, natural product, with ingredients proven to boost the user’s well-functioning, balanced immune system.

Ymmunobio, Basel, 2021 – was founded in 2021 focusing on gastrointestinal (GI) cancer. The startup’s first-in-class platform produces an Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) candidate (YB-800ADC) that has a vast potential in addressing GI cancers. The new receptor target is present in Ø50% of GI cancers.

(Press release/RAN)