Ten startups met W. A. de Vigier’s innovation and personality criteria


The jury of the W. A. De Vigier has revealed the top 10 candidates to proceed to the final stage of the competition. Besides their innovative products, this year’s selection laid emphasis on the CEOs’s personality. Five winners will be announced and each awarded CHF100’000.


From over 220 submitted projects, the jury picked the Top 16 companies from which the Foundation Board chose the Top 10. The startups offer solutions such as artificially intelligent hearing aids, wearable muscles and cables that are unparalleled in their longevity and flexibility.

In addition to groundbreaking products, the personality of the CEO played an important role in the run for the W.A. de Vigier Award. “Not only do we want to support ground-breaking products but we also aim to invest in outstanding people, who will shape the next generation of Swiss entrepreneurs”, explains Regular Buob, CEO of the W.A. de Vigier Foundation.

These are the Top 10

ACUBE Technology AG, Nidau (BE) – with a combination of a patented proximity positioning system with a mobile app, Acube enablesautomation payment and access by Smartphone Instead of Tickets and Badges

AgroSustain GmbH, (VD) - develops organic fungicidess for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of pathogens.

AUDATIC GmbH, Zurich (ZH) – uses the latest artificial intelligence methods to facilitate better performance of hearing aids in noisy environments

hemotune AG. Zurich (ZH) – developed a dialysis machine for revolutionary blood purification in sepsis

inVoli, Renens (VD) - provides infrastructure for secure integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into existing air traffic

Myoswiss AG , Zurich (ZH) – developed Myosuit: a clothing layer of Wearable Muscles for people with mobility impairments.

nanoleq GmbH, Zurich (ZH) – developed a new generation of cable technology: FlexOne which has up to a hundred times longer service life than a standard cable while retaining its high flexibility.

Sensoryx AG, Zurich (ZH) – offers VRfree, a mobile 3D tracking system that fully maps hands and fingers in cyberspace, allowing users gain an immersive experience in the Virtual World.

SUN bioscience, Lausanne (VD) – offers a platform for standardized organoid 3D cell cultures that allows patient-specific testing for the direct efficacy of treatments.

Touchless Automation GmbH, Biel (BE) – offers innovative solutions for contactless handling in every industry that processes microcomponents.

On May 30th, the ten startups will present their ideas to the jury who will select five best startups as winners. Each winner will receive CHF 100,000.

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