Ten Impact Startups contest for the SEIF Award


The jury has selected ten finalists of the SEIF Awards 2019 Tech for Impact. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on 28 June. A prize of CHF 30’000 awaits the winners.


More than 300 applications were submitted for the SEIF Awards 2019 Tech for Impact; however, only 20 applicants received the chance to present their ideas to the SEIF Awards Jury. Ten startups that most convinced the jury will now proceed to the final round. Out of the ten finalists, six originate from Switzerland while the rest are from Germany, Sweden, Italy and the UK. The Swiss finalists include: Bloom Biorenewables – dedicated to disrupting the fundamental economics of data management, Bloom is developing a technology for the efficient extraction of basic chemicals from plants. The novel extraction process makes it possible to use organic waste such as nut shells or wood for the production of fragrances. FenX – developed a solution through which it transforms mineral waste into high-performance insulation panels for the building industry. The material is non-toxic, non-flammable and recyclable. MeduSoil – the startup applies the world’s first ground bio-stabilization technology to mainstream construction problems. The EPFL spinoff provides solid foundation earth to secure the stability of infrastructures against threats such as soil erosion, landslides and earthquakes. Planted – dedicated to addressing climate chance issues, the startup creates tasty ‘meat’ directly from plants – and skips the animal. This is achieved by taking the best raw materials from plants and creating tasty, nutritious, high-protein and juicy planted. SatSure AG –provides Spatial Decision Intelligence for insurers/Banks, governments & NGOs to improve the Financial Inclusion of Farmers in Emerging Markets. SatSure leverages advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning and big data analytics to provide answers to multiple questions across diverse domains. SwissProsthetics – provides robust, affordable and modular hands for adults and children in need (picture above). The user-friendly prostheses enable users to better integrate socially and improve their quality of life by allowing them to participate in leisure activities such as cycling. The ten finalists will once again present their ideas to the audience during the award ceremony on 28 June. The winners will be announced and awarded in three prize categories. A total amount of CHF 30000 will be bestowed onto the winners. A complete list of finalists was published on the SEIF blog. (RAN)Picture: SwissProsthetics