Temenos selects two Swiss start-ups for its MarketPlace



Banking software company Temenos announces the launch of ARCATrust's cyber-security solution and SONECT's cash withdrawal solution on Temenos MarketPlace, Temenos’ platform for facilitating the exchange of value between fintech leading solutions providers and financial institutions.



ARCATrust core focus is on providing high secure environment for Tokens, Crypto Assets and Currencies secure management and storage. In order to do so, ARCATrust has developed its Flagship product ARCAVault, a tamper-proofed appliance covering the next generation security protocols. ARCAVault is offering a wide range of security features & functionalities to be integrated in enterprise datacenters. ARCATrust is delighted to join Temenos MarketPlace thus providing leading financial institutions with cutting-edge solution.

Massive interest in crypto
Commenting on the launch, Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, said, “We see massive interest from banks in crypto. This is being driven by their clients’ desire to invest in new asset classes, but also increasingly by the opportunity to create new services around tokenization. However, what is clear is that, as well as regulation, the issue of custody and related infrastructure has been holding back the market. Safe infrastructure including custody solutions based on ARCAVault are critical to unlocking new capital and taking tokenization into the mainstream. We look forward to working with ARCATrust to help Temenos customers to capitalize on the market opportunity around digital assets.”

Patrick Trinkler, CEO of ARCATrust, added: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Temenos MarketPlace. As crypto-assets are being adopted at every level in the banking industry, we are excited to give all marketplace community members access to highly secure, yet easy to integrate and operate, infrastructure solution enabling to exploit blockchain applications. We look forward to ensuring Temenos’ clients will play a meaningful role in the future of digital money!”

Innovation Jam winner SONECT
Swiss-based SONECT, which won the public vote at the Innovation Jam Final, offers a location-based matchmaking platform, connecting those who need to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit it. By democratizing cash distribution, SONECT is providing convenience to consumers, more footfall for retailers and saving banks millions of dollars in ATM operating costs.

The solution has now been integrated with the Temenos solutions and is live on MarketPlace. Practically, this means that for any Temenos customer wishing to deploy SONECT or any other MarketPlace provider, the significant challenges around procurement and integration have been greatly simplified, speeding up time to value from years to weeks.

Sandipan Chakraborty, Founder & CEO, SONECT, added: “What UBER is to Taxis, AirBnB is to Hotels, SONECT is for ATMs. SONECT democratizes the ATM industry by enabling any shop in the neighborhood or any human being to act as a ‘virtual ATM’. In essence, we connect people who have cash with people who need cash, saving the banking industry billions of dollars of cash distribution costs in the process. We were delighted to have won the Innovation Jam and now to be live on Temenos MarketPlace, where we hope to create significant value for the Temenos community.”


Ben Robinson said: “The aim of the Innovation Jam competition is to help us to discover the best fintech solutions from around the world. But, since the competition captures the imagination of our customers, it is also a great lead-generating tool. SONECT joins the MarketPlace having already generated significant interest and we expect fast take-up as banks seek to capitalize on the latest fintech innovation to stay ahead of their peers.”

(Press release)