Techshare reveals its 2021 cohort with 13 Swiss startups

TechShare, Euronext’s dedicated pre-IPO programme for European Tech companies, has welcomed participants from ten countries across Europe. Thirteen startups are from Switzerland.

The sixth edition of TechShare by Euronext, the pan-European stock exchange, welcomes 119 Tech companies from ten countries to participate in the first half of 2021. This number is expected to grow as participants join the IPOready programme in Dublin and Oslo, which will start later this year. TechShare participants have a mature corporate profile: they generate on average annual revenues of about €16 million and employ around 70 people. Two-thirds of the companies are backed by private equity investors, and they have raised an average €15 million in capital before joining the programme.

Thirteen startups from Switzerland will participate in the program; seven of them have been revealed. These are:

Annanow Group AG – offers an innovative last-mile delivery service that connects products with people in insurance and beyond

CDR-Life AG – is developing a pipeline of first-in-class tumour-targeted immunotherapies and best-in-class retina disease therapy.

Immunophotonics, Inc. – is a biotech company developing a proprietary carbohydrate polymer (IP-001), a novel compound that transforms local tumour ablation into systemic immunotherapy.

KD Pharma Group SA – developed technology portfolio that is uniquely suited for developing, producing and marketing new molecules such as Omega-3 API, new molecular target for colon cancer, new ANDA approvals, and multiple new nutritional platforms for emerging conditions.

MedXCell – develops and manufactures innovative off-the-shelf cellular therapies offering state-of-the-art, cost-effective and safe solutions for a wide range of patient needs

p=p Security – uses algorithms to provide an automatic and easy-to-use solution to protect privacy in written digital communications

Pexapark – brings increased transparency and liquidity to renewables power-purchase-agreements (PPA) market through its PexaQuote pricing and evaluation engine.

During the six-month training programme, the startups will attend local events scheduled between 19 January and 4 February 2021 to meet with partners. Until June 2021, they will attend four workshops sessions, structured around several main complementary modules such as covering the IPO process, the legal perspective, IPO valuation, equity story, financial communication, corporate governance and post-listing life. Companies will also have extensive individual coaching with audit firms, lawyers, communications specialists and investor relations specialists providing customised advice on a more bilateral basis. The graduation will take place in July 2021.