Technology Fund offers new loan guarantees


This year so far, ten start-ups with different solutions and technologies for the energy sector have obtained a loan guarantee from the Technology fund, the federal climate policy instrument.



The Technology Fund improves the financing conditions of Swiss start-ups and companies that develop technologies in the areas of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, efficient use of electrical energy, promotion of renewable energies and conservation of natural resources. The fonds does not invest directly in start-ups bt issues loan guarantees to banks and other lenders.

Currently, the technology fund has provided CHF 145 million to 94 companies, including the recently supported start-ups that joined in the first half-year of 2020.

Celeroton AG – developed a compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles, achieving speeds up to 1 million rpm. MIRO Analytical Technologies GmbH

Oxygen at Work – improves the air quality in office spaces combining natural plants with modern technology to improve the health of the employees and reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

qiio AG – the ETH Spin-off offers edge-to-cloud IoT solutions that allow customers to securely connect, monitor and control through qiio IoT solutions via an online dashboard.

Scientific Visual SA - produces automated quality control tools that visualise internal crystal defects and ensured that only quality crystals enter costly processing chain. The equipment saves up to 50% production cost in crystals intended for LED, watch, optic and semiconductor industries.

Sensoryx AG - uses its patented motion- and position-tracking technology to unleash the full potential of AR and VR for businesses, people, and enterprises.  The start-up received a loan guarantee to help reduce carbon emissions by substituting and complementing real-life training – particularly flight training – with novel and highly realistic VR/AR simulations.

Zaphiro Technologies SA developed SynchroGuard,  a new smart solution for electrical grid monitoring and automation. The unique sensing devices can take voltage and current measurements characterised by high-speed and time-synchronisation.

Adaptricity – developed highly innovative software that enables grid operators to automate repetitive tasks. Its newest tool, Adaptricity.Mon (Monitoring), enables real-time data and simulation-driven grid transparency across all grid levels.  The start-up received a loan guarantee of CHF 2.5m to grow in several markets simultaneously and scale software products.3Brain AG – develops and distributes the world’s first commercial CMOS-based high-resolution Microelectrode Array (MEA), a Biosensor integrating thousands of tiny electrical sensors in a small area for research in drug discovery, brain organoids and neuronal networks. Juice Technology AG – offers  Juice Booster 1, a  mobile charging station for electric cars.Miro Analytical Technologies – is developing a gas sensing technology based on quantum cascade lasers (QCL). Its flagship product is the High-precision Multicompound Gas Analyzer which Measures simultaneously up to 10 most important greenhouse gases and pollutants.(RAN)