Technology Fund issues new loan guarantees to four startups


To this day, the Technology Fund has offered loan guarantees of up to CHF 123 million to 81 companies including startups to support the development of their sustainable solutions. The startups 9T Labs, Gamaya, Fotokite and Vatorex have also joined the portfolio.



The Technology Fund supports startups that are developing sustainable solutions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, efficient use of electrical energy, promotion of renewable energy and conservation of natural resources. The loan guarantee gives start-ups access to low-interest debt capital with a guarantee of CHF 3 million for a maximum term of 10 years. Until now, 90 companies have been able to secure loan guarantees totalling up to 130 Swiss francs. The current portfolio comprises 81 companies with a total loan guarantee of CHF 123. In 2019 alone, 31 loan guarantees were awarded. Since the October update, four new startups have joined the Technology Fund portfolio. These include: 9T Labs AG - developed a 3D-printer that enables users to print industry-grade carbon composites. The product combines a new material process with the latest sensor technology and learning techniques to give engineers manufacturing flexibility while maintaining high finished part quality. The solution is applicable in the fields of satellites, medical prosthetics, drones, automotive which require lightweight design and use of carbon fibre materials. Gamaya SA – the agritech startup developed a crop-specific technology that relies on hyperspectral imagery analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture and interpret imagery to give farmers information about the state of their fields and crops. Both large and small scale farming can benefit from the solution. Thanks to its solution, the startup has seen tremendous success from winning, awards and large partnerships to raising a double-digit million round. Perspective Robotics AG (Fotokite) – the Zurich based startup develops and commercialises actively tethered situational awareness tools for first responders to help them save lives and preserve property. Its flagship product is Fotokite, a tethered and autonomous. Fotokite’s CEO Chris McCall says that the loan guarantee of CHF 3 million will enable the company to accelerate and expand its serial production capacity as well as meet market demands. The company aims to deliver more of its systems to help firefighters and first responder teams to stay safer while on their mission. Vatorex AG – the startup developed a chemical-free solution to help beekeepers to treat Varroa mites using heat treatment. The fully automated system heats the brood combs individually and repetitively with a built-in heating wire to 41 degrees Celsius and kills the parasite without damaging the bees. This solution not only promotes ecological beekeeping it also contributes to sustainable honey production and crop pollination. Since the Technology Fund is anchored in the CO2 Act, it will continue to issue loan guarantees of up to CHF 3 million per company in the coming the year 2020.(RAN)