Taskbase embarks on a digital course

With its new mission to shape the future of education with cutting-edge, AI-powered formative feedback, Edtech startup Taskbase has welcomed Cristina Riesen as Co-CEO. Riesen will support the company as it transitions into a global platform for adaptive learning.

Innovating the education space has been challenging as many education systems remain conservative with antiquated approaches. Moreover, several learners worldwide have failed to reach their full potential due to the wide spread “one-size-fits-all” teaching models used in many institutions. The outbreak of the corona pandemic which called for homeschooling has further exacerbated the situation as education-institutions and organisations struggle to respond to individual learning gaps. This is where Taskbase sees great potential for adaptive learning.

Founded in 2015 as a spinoff from the ETH, Taskbase offers easy-to-integrate modules that enable learning software developers to create smart e-learning solutions. AI Technology adapts learning paths to each student’s specific needs through its ability to automatically score exercises and give personalised didactic feedback. Combining advanced adaptive learning technologies with adaptive teaching approaches, the tool empowers institutions to adjust the level and the pace of instruction and preparation for each learner.

“We like to say that Taskbase is to adaptive learning platforms what Intel is to personal computers”, said Samuel Portmann, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Taskbase. As a trusted partner of leading publishers, digital learning developers and education institutions embracing cutting-edge adaptive learning, Taskbase is already integrated into learning systems such as Klett, LerNetz, Connect Solutions and Lernnavi

Taskbase is also part of large research collaborations with ETH and EPFL to further advance the technology and integrate it into more systems. An ongoing project is Lernnavi, a digital education initiative launched by the Office of Secondary schools in the department of education in canton St. Gallen. Lernnavi aims to promote adaptive learning in subjects such as Mathematics and German. With the Beta version already working, the platform will be fully launched in Spring 2021. 

A new chapter, new Co-CEO
Taskbase is opening a new chapter take advanced adaptive learning to the next level internationally with Cristina Riesen as Co-CEO. Riesen is a seasoned entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the fields of communication, innovation, technology and education. In recent years, she was General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Evernote, managed the launch of the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL, worked with the Strategic Development Team at ETH Zurich and founded the impact organisation Educreators Foundation (formerly WearePlayHuB). She was named Digital Shaper by the Swiss economic magazine Bilanz in 2019 and 2020. In her new role, Riesen will support Taskbase in further building the platform and rolling it out in further projects globally. 

“I am coming from the tech world on a global level thus joining Taskbase puts us in a unique position to take adaptive learning to the next level. Our technology is currently research-based, however, combined with the track-record and traction built by Taskbase we are in the position to make our solution a global standard and the leading formative feedback engine in the global education market”, said Riesen.

“We are thrilled that Cristina is joining us on our journey to make advanced formative feedback accessible to everyone. It’s exciting to open this new chapter for Taskbase, we are looking forward to taking adaptive learning to the next level internationally,” said Portmann.

(Press release/RAN)
Photo: Cristina Riesen & Samuel Portmann