Tamedia is acquiring an interest in the fintech start-up Neon


Media group Tamedia just announced that it is acquiring an interest in Neon. The start-up developed an intelligent mobile banking solution that bundles bank offers intelligently in one app.


Tamedia continues to invest in fintech and is now acquiring an interest in the start-up Neon. This company offers an easy and very fast banking method in the form of an app for smartphones. After a paperless registration process with personal identification, the user is able to access a bank account without a base fee and additionally receives a free Mastercard. The account is opened at Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and provides deposit insurance. Neon was established by four co-founders with extensive experience in the world of banking. The company employs a staff of 10 located in Zurich and Munich.   Samuel Hügli, Member of the Management Board and Head of Technology & Ventures of Tamedia: “Neon applies a very simple and mobile approach to banking. Although it is easy to use, it provides high security protection. We believe in this concept and decided to support the team and its future developments. Therefore, we are acquiring a financial interest in the company and thus continue to expand our fintech portfolio.”   Jörg Sandrock, Co-founder of Neon: “Switzerland still has a lot of potential for pure mobile banking and this is our opportunity. Neon is an independent bank account designed for everyday needs and used with a smartphone. We very much look forward to working with Tamedia and the company’s expertise in the establishment and development of digital platforms.”(Press release)