SynSense acquires iniVation to boost its market position

Ultra-low-power neuromorphic processing company SynSense and inVation, the provider of high-performance neuromorphic vision systems are combining their resources to create the world’s first fully neuromorphic, end-to-end sensing and processing company. Following the acquisition, the SynSense Group has been established. 

Founded as a spinoff from the ETH, SynSense is a Zurich-based startup specializing in "full-stack" neuromorphic engineering. The company has established itself as a global provider of cutting-edge sensory processing hardware and tailored application solutions to address specific customer needs. 

Fueled by a shared vision and a history of successful collaborations, such as on next-gen intelligent eye tracking and Speck, the world's first ultra-low-power neuromorphic vision system-on-chip, SynSense has made a strategic move to acquire iniVation, which specializes in developing high-performance neuromorphic vision systems tailored for challenging applications in robotics, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and aerospace. Drawing on decades of world-leading research and development experience, iniVation boasts a robust network of customers and partners spanning multiple industrial markets. Both companies, SynSense as well as iniVation are spin-offs from the Institute of Neuroinformatics at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. 

This strategic alliance aims to cater to the rapidly growing demand for a high-performance intelligent vision for both industrial and consumer segments. By leveraging their unique combined technology, expertise, and customer base, the newly formed SynSense Group is poised to become the world's first fully neuromorphic, end-to-end sensing and processing entity. The implications of this deal are far-reaching, enabling the SynSense Group to seamlessly address the diverse needs of customers in vision sensors, stand-alone processors, and integrated compute-in-sensor devices across sectors such as consumer electronics, robotics, aerospace, and automotive.

The acquisition is structured as a 100% ownership transfer of iniVation shares to the SynSense parent company - SynSense Group. The existing iniVation entity, headquartered in Zurich, will continue its operations, assuring existing customers that their needs will be served with the same dedication, ensuring continuity in all customer and partner relationships for both iniVation and SynSense.

In a joint statement, SynSense Group CEO Dr. Ning Qiao and iniVation's current CEO, Dr. Kynan Eng, explained the rationale behind the deal.  “We are very excited to announce this next big step in our journey together. Our activities have long been complementary, and this deal continues our shared goal of revolutionizing edge sensing and computing. With our combined technology, know-how and market access, we are looking forward to bringing a new class of ultra-efficient, high-performance intelligent systems to multiple markets.”

(Press release/RAN)