Synple Chem to expand product portfolio

From 2020 to 2021 Synple Chem saw a 55% growth rate and the trend has continued in the last quarter. A new partnership with Metalor Technologies marks another key step in the startup’s growth journey. Together with Metalor Technologies, the ETH Zurich spin-off Synple Chem is expanding its reaction portfolio. 

Synple Chem was founded in 2016, as a spin-off from ETH in Zürich with the aim of providing easy to use, safe, efficiency-enhancing organic synthesis solutions that help accelerate discovery research. The startup developed a new automated synthesis technology, which uses revolutionary, pre-programmed reagent capsules to accelerate research by making the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient. To this end, the company has developed two generations of its innovative capsule-based synthesis instrument and a wide range of reaction applications and cartridges. Using this technology, chemistry researchers will be able to advance their discovery programs in a fraction of the time. A growing, global customer base has readily adopted the technology in their synthetic laboratories. Currently, the company serves 30 customers in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, US.

New technologies, capable of optimizing processes and improving productivity remain in high demand. In response, to customer requests for new cartridges for transition metal, the startup is collaborating with Metalor Technologies SA, a world supplier of precious metals and advanced materials since 1852. Metalor is currently part of the Tanaka Precious Metals Group, a world leader in precious metals applications since 1885. With 1,500 employees worldwide (280 in Switzerland), the group has 17 subsidiaries and operates refineries in Europe, USA and in Asia.

Through this partnership, Synple Chem has identified the ideal catalyst to start the development of the new cartridge types. “With Metalor Technologies, Synple was able to identify the ideal initiator to start developing these new cartridge types. This cooperation creates synergies for both companies: For Synple Chem, this is a strategically important expansion of the reaction portfolio to open up new submarkets such as customer segments as part of its growth strategy.”

“Metalor Technologies, on the other hand, can expand its range of products and services as well as its customer-specific services through the cooperation and thus respond even more specifically to individual needs. Their customers will thus have an easily accessible synthesis tool for precious metal catalysis at their disposal. This will enable Metalor Technologies to support them throughout the entire development process, from the early research phase to pilot testing and large-scale production”, explains Thomas Rapolani, Operations Manager at Synple Chem.

Synple today employs ten people who help drive growth. From 2020 to 2021 the company saw a 55% growth rate and the trend has continued in the last quarter as explained by Benedikt Wanner, CEO and co-founder of Synple. In addition to the already secured CHF 930k of non-dilutive funds through grants and prizes (ERC, Innosuisse, Venture Kick, ETH Pioneer Fellowship) and a total of 2.5m in dilutive equity funding, the company is raising CJF 3.2 million to expand further and develop applications that are currently demanded by the customers.

(Press release/RAN)