Switzerland’s innovation flagbearers awarded

The latest startup competitions in both abroad and Switzerland offered startups a platform to shine in the spotlight.  The recognised companies are developing solutions for a wide range of industries including Agriculture, ICT and Energy.

NextGen Heroes, Digital Economy Award
The NextGen Heroes prize of the Digital Economy Awards is bestowed onto young generation individuals who are actively shaping the digital future of Switzerland. Held for the first time with in the framework of digital Switzerland’s award, the first place winner is the 22-year-old Chloé Carrière. Based in Lausanne, she describes herself as a “space enthusiast”. She aims to inspire the young generation and interested people of all ages with innovative science formats such as “The Galactic Chloé Show”. The second prize winner is 23-year old David Yenicelik from Zurich. He developed the platform Skilllab, which helps people from different backgrounds (e.g. refugees, migrants and others) to sharpen their talents to integrate into the local job market.

EcoRobotix – Agtech awards
Agtech Awards recognise the best companies, products and services in the field of data technology. Lausanne based ecoRobotix is the winner in the category Automation and Robotics The drone technology startup supplies next-generation, autonomous weeding robots that reduce the environmental impact of farming while lowering costs for farmers.

Timewise – HR Awards
Zurich-based TimewiseAG won the Swiss HR Award 2020 in the category Startup by HR Today. Through startup’s platform, companies can plan and implement flexible career breaks with income in case of further education, family time or early retirement. The portal allows for quick and easy processing and makes the administration of such employee time offs easy. By winning the award, Timewise becomes the Entrepreneur of the year.

Pexapark – SAP.iO Foundry Program
Pexapark is one of the seven early-stage startups to join the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv program, which focuses on innovative solutions for the Utilities industry. Pexapark’s PexaQuote offers a pricing and evaluation engine that ensures transparency and liquidity to the renewables power purchase (PPA) agreements market.

Quantum Integrity – EIC e-Pitching
The Jury of the October edition of the EIC e-Pitching competition included representatives from NFT Ventures, Anthemis, Downing Ventures, Finch Capital, Balderton Capital and Speedinvest. They jointly selected Anthony Sahakian, CEO from Swiss-based Quantum Integrity (QI) for delivering the ‘best pitch’. QI built and patented AI-powered software to help businesses tackle deep fake and image falsification issue and ensure trust in digital processes.