Swissnex Boston welcomes 12 Swiss startups to its virtual Bootcamp


From September 14 – 25, 2020, 12 Swiss startups participated in a virtual startup bootcamp organised by swissnex Boston, swissnex in New York, in collaboration with Innosuisse. Twelve Swiss startups used the program to work on their internationalisation strategies and prepare for their trip.



The startup bootcamp offers Swiss Startups with the opportunity to travel Boston or New York to prepare for entry into the US Market or to validate their product before they decide to expand. For the first time, startups will simultaneously gain insight into the markets of New York and Boston.

For the virtual bootcamp, the program committee has selected 12 Swiss startups supported by the Innosuisse to participate in the program. Due to the coronavirus, the 12 startups are unable to travel abroad. Instead, they will work on their internationalisation strategies in a virtual format and postpone their trip to the USA to a later date. The virtual startup bootcamp provides an opportunity to prepare for the US trip as they will acquire all the information needed and establish relationships prior to travelling.

The 12 Swiss startups are

CareerFairy – offers a career live stream platform that allows potential future employees to connect directly with their prospective team members and ask questions.

Cybera Global – finTech platform to prevent cybercrime and online fraud

EraCal Therapeutics – develops a novel anti-obesity drug with superior efficacy and safety

GDBspace – developed a proprietary TMAP platform that organises multiple existing libraries of molecules on a visual map.

Genistat – offers consulting, analyses, machine-learning models and smart systems to enable the creation of digital content and revenue strategies.

HAYA Therapeutics – discovered a heart-specific fibrosis regulator to block myocardial fibrosis and treat heart failure.

Hydromea – developed semi-autonomous underwater drones to eliminate safety risks of manned entry into complex and confined flooded spaces

Iazzu – offers an online channel for presenting works of art to a worldwide network of galleries and exhibition organisers, to patrons, buyers and sellers.

KetoSwiss – develops a novel medical food (“MigraKet”) for the dietary preventive therapy of higher-frequency migraines and possibly other related diseases

Pexapark – developed the PexaQuote pricing and evaluation engine that ensure transparency and liquidity to the renewables power purchase (PPA) agreements market.

SecuraXis – developed SONAL by combining deep AI and acoustic, to analyse specific sounds in any kind of environment, classify them, locate and report them accurately.

Surgeons Lab –  aims to aim to facilitate test, train, plan interventions and ultimately improve patient safety using high-end technology as an alternative to human and animal models.

The 2-week bootcamp offers 2 hours of programming each day, consisting of toolbox sessions, workshops, lessons, office hours and fireside chats. The bootcamp will culminate with a virtual Demo Day that will be open to the public, which is the only event people located in Switzerland will be able to join in addition to the local Boston and New York ecosystems overview.