SwissGames Showcase 2020 nominates 11 participants


A panel of international experts has selected 11 independent studios to participate in the newly launched SwissGames Showcase 2020. Initiated by Pro Helvetia, the program will enable the participants to access business opportunities in the challenging times of Covid-19.



The selected studios for the SwissGames Showcase 2020 will each work with a designated coach that will mentor them via online sessions and introduce them to potential business partners within their networks. Additionally, the participants will attend international online and offline events including Ludicious, Gamescom Digital and Nordic Game Conference.

The program will kick off this summer through December. The participants are

Lukyantsev Company – «Wild Planet» - is a stylish low poly open-world survival game set on a tiny alien planet full of diverse biomes.

Stelex Software – «Monorail Stories» in the game Silvie and Ahmal travel each day on the same Monorail but at different times and opposite directions.

Digital Kingdom – «Swordship» the story of a hero who steers a boat, the “Swordship”.

KlugGen – «Perspectivist» - to be launched soon.

Stardust – «AVA – an interactive fairytale puzzle game about diversity and destiny

Caustique Games – «Team:Cars» provides a clever mix of genres that are both commercially proven and fun.

Naraven Games – «Backfirewall» is a 3D narrative adventure game where you wander around the insides of a smartphone.

Asteroid Lab – «Terraformers» is a planetary simulation game, featuring a realistic ecosystem simulation. Settle on Mars, grow your colonies and make the planet habitable.

Stray Fawn Studio – «Nyoma: The Walking Village»

Violet Saint – «Moroi» is a an upcoming hack n slash indie game

Echtzeit : «Whoop Arcade» is an intense arcade drone racing battle.

“I am so glad organisations like Pro Helvetia are tackling the challenges of helping local studios in time without travel, events and in-person meetings. It can be difficult for studios to get the support and help they need in the best of times, so it is extra important that local organisations step in to help where possible. I am very proud to be a mentor this year, especially with the high quality of devs and games to cover”, said Callum Underwood portfolio manager at Kowloon Nights. Underwood will mentor Stray Fawn Studio and Moroi.

(Press release/RAN)