SwissDeCode selected by European Innovation Council for Covid-19 pitching event


Based on its experience in testing bacteria and viruses, SwissdeCode is developing a test for COVID-19. The startup was selected to pitch the solution to a group of investors at the ePitching session organised by the European Innovation Council (EIC).


SwissDeCode developed DNAFoil technology, a portable, self-administered, on-site DNA detection kit, which combines both food safety and compliance with regulatory bodies in a single tool.

In response to the current situation, SwissDeCode has leveraged its experience in developing rapid on-site tests for bacteria and viruses to create a test for COVID-19.  The test, which uses the company’s proprietary DNAFoil technology, will provide results in 30 minutes and is currently being developed n the company’s laboratories in Zurich. The team is also working with university hospitals in Switzerland to conduct human trials. The product should be available in the next few weeks.

On 15 April 2020 12.00-2.00 pm (CET), the SwissDeCode team will present the solution at the  EIC ePitching session on COVID-19 to a group of investors from Capricorn Ventures, Clinical Research Ventures, Diffusion Capital Partners, the European Investment Bank, Idacapital, Illumina Ventures, Panakes Partners and Monte Carlo Capital. SwissDeCode has been selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for this session. 

In response to the current pandemic, the EIC created a special COVID-group on the EIC Community to gather ideas, innovations and products that might be of use in this period. In response to the overwhelming attention and innovative solutions that were being proposed, the EIC decided to host a special ePitching session dedicated to SMEs with COVID-related innovations and solutions that are looking for investment. Out of the EIC Community seven start-ups from across Europe have been selected for the pitching session. To join the ePitching session follow this link.

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