Swisscom Startup Challenge: Ten finalists announced

The ten finalists of the Swisscom Startup Challenge show that digitisation affects all industries: The solution of the companies are addressing investors as well as elderly people or farmers.

The fifth Swisscom StartUp Challenge is again organized to provide startups the opportunity to win a week-long tailor-made business acceleration trip to Silicon Valley. In addition the start-ups are in close contact with Swisscom which regularly leads to investments or collaboration projects. The Challenge is again organized in collaboration with venturelab.

Five winners will be selected out of the ten finalists. In addition the start-ups can win an audience award. Public voting is open until 11 August.

Advertima creates artificial intelligence solutions that analyse the people around it. It recognizes features like age, gender and emotions, and reacts by creating personalized and positive experiences. This brings proactive customer interaction from the virtual into the real world.

AlgoTrader is the first fully integrated algorithmic trading software solution for hedge funds and trading companies. It allows automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in forex, stocks, derivatives and cryptocurrencies.

CARU is a patented IoT home emergency system empowering people to age where they want to. CARU uses machine learning to detect critical situations and organizes assistance whenever required. It also actively prevents accidents through daily feedback on how users can improve their wellbeing.

EcoRobotix develops autonomous weeding robots to strongly reduce herbicides in several row crops, resulting in lower weeding costs and benefits for human health and the environment. Weeds are identified with artificial vision and sprayed with a fast robotic arm. The machine is fully solar-powered and controlled with a smartphone.

GenView’s business and expertise are on 3D data visualization and data integration into a varied and complex environment. Its product GenView 3D is a solution for cities’ smart decision-making. GenView 3D gathers multiple-source data to give innovation-oriented cities better overall control of their key activities and operations.

Interprefy has developed a cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting of conferences and similar events. Interpreters work remotely and delegates use smartphones as receivers. Since qualified interpreters don't need to travel and no heavy equipment is required, cost savings compared to conventional technology are substantial.

LegalHub is a blockchain-based document automation technology. The start-up builds a chatbot interface allowing anyone without a programming background to create, manage, publish and arbitrate smart contracts.

1DropDiagnostics’ device detects multiple biomarkers from a single drop of blood immediately in front of the patient. It thereby facilitates the early detection, prevention and management of disease.

OneSky builds infrastructure ensuring drones’ safe integration into today’s aviation world. It offers an online platform which gathers data from a network of scaled-down control towers, enabling virtually anybody to see surrounding air traffic and to hold intelligent tools for low-risk flight plans, automatic avoidance strategies and privacy control.

Securaxis provides weather forecasts for physical security and risk management. Using predictive analytics to assess individualized threats, and with real-time geo-localized mapping of risks, Securaxis enables people in volatile environments to make better decisions.

The five winners will be selected at a pitching event in August. In addition, there will be a public voting starting on 31 July.

Picture: / Yuval Helfman