Swisscom Startup Challenge finalists revealed

The latest finalist selection for Swisscom Startup Challenge 2021 focusing on cybersecurity includes ten start-ups, of which six start-ups are from Switzerland, three from Germany and one from Israel. Public Voting is now open.

The Swisscom Startup Challenge aims to identify and support start-ups and research teams from the cyber security sector. The jury has nominated ten finalists that will contest for one of the five spots to win an exploration programme with Swisscom’s cyber security community. The winners will access Swisscom’s security applications and existing services and the infrastructure used in the customer environment, support and mentoring from Swisscom cyber security experts and partners, and access to a network of potential customers and business partners. A selected start-up will receive an invitation to an exploration programme and invitation to Swisscom’s Outpost in Silicon Valley (US).

The contesting start-ups are

CYSEC SA, Lausanne
Based at EPFL in Lausanne, the Swiss cybersecurity company provides software that protects highly sensitive data and workloads deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in embedded platforms.

HOPR, Zurich
The HOPR protocol is a layer-0 privacy foundation for anyone to build on, providing network-level and meta-data privacy for every kind of data exchange. Its mixnet protects the identity of sender & recipient by routing data via multiple intermediate relay hops.

Xorlab, Zurich
xorlab is a Swiss cybersecurity company providing specialised, machine-intelligent defence against highly engineered, sophisticated and targeted email attacks. Founded in 2015 and spun out of ETH’s Laboratory of Software Technology, xorlab has grown to a team of 16 dedicated security professionals and passionate software engineers.

CAOS, St. Gallen
Managing multiple identities within modern IT systems for a single person is expensive, inefficient and often insecure. With ZITADEL, the 2019 founded start-up with 11 employees provides a modern SaaS platform for managing identities, providing secure user authentication, and integrating customer use cases on top.

Tune Insight, Lausanne
Data-driven organisations realise that their own data is not enough to make sound decisions, but they cannot engage in data collaborations due to privacy regulations or fear of data leaks. Tune Insight B2B software helps organisations make better decisions with collaborative analytics and ML from confidential data collaborations, while each of them remains in full control of its own data.

Sharekey, Zug
The start-up has developed an All-in-One business collaboration app using App-to-App Encryption with decentralised keys for true privacy within and across enterprise boundaries.

The finalists from other countries are:

Code Intelligence, Bonn, Germany
Code Intelligence offers a CI/CD-agnostic platform for automated software security testing. The platform helps developers protect themselves against unexpected edge cases, empowers them to fix bugs during development, and achieve reproducible testing results. Founded in 2017, Code Intelligence supports leading companies such as Bosch, Deutsche Börse and Deutsche Telekom.

IoT Inspector GmbH, Germany
IoT Inspector aims to #makeIoTsecure – with its leading solution for automated security analysis and compliance checks of IoT firmware.

Grip Security, Israel
Grip offers a new approach to SaaS security, enabling organisations to discover nearly 100% of the SaaS applications used (known and unknown), govern, monitor and secure employee access and usage from any device and any location, and prevent data loss.

Asvin, Germany
Asvin provides a toolbox to keep devices in the internet of things safe and secure, starting from identifying devices in networks, monitoring their software status in a trusted supply chain and managing the secure distribution of updates.

Public Voting open 
From now until the Grand Final on September 16th, 2021, the audience is invited to participate in the online public voting to vote for their favourite Startup. 

(Press release/RAN)