Swisscom Startup Challenge: 10 finalists selected


In October five Swiss start-ups will travel to the Silicon Valley for a tailor-made business acceleration program. Today Swisscom announced the ten finalists having a chance to win the trip.


During the trip organised by Swisscom in partnership with Venturelab start-ups will meet investors, selected potential business partners and advisors. The finalists will pitch to the jury End of August. In addition a public voting takes place starting on 12 August.  The ten finalists of the seventh Swisscom Startup Challenge 2019 are: Assetyze aims to monetise insured and unused assets – such as art, classic cars, watches and other precious collectibles – through tokenisation. At present, non-bankable assets worth billions of dollars are locked away, lying around idle. It is difficult for owners to use such assets as collateral and borrow money against them at a reasonable cost and with attractive interest rates. All of this is set to change. Assetyze AG partners with insurance companies to enable their customers to easily monetise the abundance of unused, insured assets through tokenisation.  CREAL3D is developing the future display of virtual and mixed-reality headsets and smart glasses. Its near-eye light-field projector creates hologram-like images with true optical depth, eliminating the eyestrain and nausea often caused by today’s devices, enhancing immersion, extending comfortable usage time and allowing conflict-less mixing of virtual and real worlds. DeepCode is the platform for AI-powered code reviews. VC-backed ETH spin-off DeepCode brings the knowledge of the global development community to every software developer. Its bot uses machine learning to process millions of commits in software projects and learns how to find many more critical bugs/vulnerabilities in code than other tools. Geneva-based startup, Gmelius, offers a browser extension and mobile application, which integrate into any existing Gmail or G Suite inbox and transform them into a complete workspace. Teams can manage projects together, answer customer queries, and automate their outreach. The company currently has more than 10,000 paid customers including teams at Spotify and Uber.  Guuru’s AI-powered crowdsourcing technology enables companies to engage their most knowledgeable customers to provide 24/7 customer support via live chat. Companies are thus able to expand their service hours beyond business hours, offer support across their entire range of products and handle peak contact volume – all at up to 50% lower costs. Industry-leading companies in e-commerce, telecommunications and tourism, such as Sky, O2 Telefonica,, Freitag and Switzerland Tourism rely on guru.  Medisanté enables healthcare providers to use the Internet of Things by ensuring the secure transmission of data. Medisanté's Connected Care solution consists of medical devices with a global IoT SIM card that sends patient-generated health data to the healthcare providers in real time, and a cloud-based IoT hub that integrates data into clinical systems. The company opened a U.S. office in May. People-Analytix combines a unique database, artificial intelligence and analytical forecasting methods to provide individuals and organisations with virtual career advice, skills gap analysis and relevant labour market trends. People-Analytix is making an important contribution to overcoming the upcoming challenges in today’s working world. PXL Vision is a Swiss high-tech startup providing Daego, a scalable software platform for the secure verification of digital identities, based on computer vision machine learning. Daego provides high security with full automation and is helping companies to reduce fraud, lower the cost of customer onboarding and maximise sales conversion rates. PXL’s customers include Sunrise and SwissSign with the SwissID, among others. Spitch provides AI bots as contact centre team members to reduce waiting time and improve thecustomer experience. The company has already created the complete AI communication platform, proven with many customers, has a unique go-to-market strategy and, on its way to becoming the top brand in Switzerland, is now spreading to neighbouring countries. Xatena is the leading digital platform for healthcare procurement supporting hospitals and suppliers with the digital transformation of sourcing and supply chain processes. On the B2B platform healthcare providers can browse through offerings, request quotes and evaluate them. In June the company announced the closing of a financing round and strong growth.  (Press release / SK)