Swiss Startups to explore Colombia


The new cohort for the Academia Industry Training (AIT) Colombia has been confirmed. The selected startups, which offer solutions for different sectors, will participate in a training camp in Switzerland and in Colombia.



AIT Colombia is an initiative by the Leading House for the Latin American Region and ICETEX. The program aims to help Swiss sciencepreneurs in transforming their applied research into market applications. The teams also have the chance to explore the potential of their solutions in foreign markets. In October 2020 and February 2021, ten newly selected start-ups in the AIT Colombia will participate in a week-long training camp in Switzerland and Colombia respectively. At the end of the camp in February, the most promising startup will receive an Innovation Grant of CHF 10,000.

The selected startups are:

Kaiosid | Johan Wüthrich |HEIG – VD
KaiosID is a cloud-based traceability solution that allows brands to fight the increasing threats of counterfeiting and grey market by adding unique hidden random patterns on the product’s packaging.

REA |Loulia Kassem |EPFL
Rea develops a smart panty liner that analyses vaginal secretions and alerts the doctor via an app if the mom-to-be needs to go to the hospital. The solution allows pregnant women to be monitored in their homes, sparing them from months of unnecessary hospital stays and overtreatment with medications.

Green-Y | Dominik Schnarwiler | ETH Zürich / Hochschule Luzern
Green-Y revolutionises the energy sector by providing a combination of electricity storage and a heating and cooling unit in one decentralised device that makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible.

Terrabiom | Christa Herrmann |EPFL
With the mission to reverse global land degradation by 2030, Terrabiom teams up with microbes, people, industries and governments to transform unsustainable practices into regenerative solutions.

Caulys | Pablo Castellón | EPFL
Caulys developed an automated and sustainable vertical greenhouse to encourage indoor farming in urban areas.

Smartbreed | Patrick Bertschi | University of St. Gallen
SmartBreed offers insect breeders a complete breeding solution which includes stackable, fully automatic breeding boxes for breeding grasshoppers in a cost-effective, resource-efficient and hygienic manner.

Bitlumens | Veronica García | ETH Zürich
Bitlumens provides a pay-as-you-go smart meter for rural areas using state of the art technologies.

Arma Instruments | Pim Donkers
ARMA Instruments offers secure communication systems and cyber-security services. Currently, the company focuses on providing secure personal mobile devices for corporate, government and military use.

Bluetools Solutions | Florian Wieser |University of St. Gallen
Bluetools is a digital solution that guides collective decision-making in complex situations. Its digital tool supports organisations in collectively analysing the strategic situation and define a practical path forward.

Genelook | Thomas Roos | EPFL
GeneLook empowers patients to be actively involved in their healthcare journey, as we are building the future of patient-centric precision medicine for rare disease and chronic disease patients.