Swiss startups take on the US East Coast


Testing the waters before a startup decides whether expansion is the right idea is crucial for international success. The Innosuisse Market Validation and Market Entry Camps offer just that. This year, 14 Swiss startups were able to assess the potential of their products in the US market with the help of Innosuisse and swissnex Boston and New York.


In 2018, 14 Swiss startups participated in a US Market Entry and Market Validation Camp at swissnex Boston and New York. The aim of the camps is to help the participants navigate the rich technology and innovation ecosystems in Boston and New York, establish connections with potential strategic partners and receive feedback from industry experts. «The camps are a great way to enter a new market and start establishing useful connections to the local ecosystem», confirms Domenico Arpaoa, CEO of Orbiwise.

Many participating startups already made use of the presented opportunity to collaborate and to increase their presence on the US East Coast. One of them is Lunaphore, which was able to validate its business idea by engaging with multiple medtech experts and practitioners from Massachusetts General Hospital. Lunaphore was also able to sign a new strategic partnership. Another example of success is Skypull, which is now managing follow-up with new American contacts after it showcased their products during swissnex Boston’s two-day drone exhibition.

In order to participate in a Camp, which is an Innosuisse initiative and in this case was carried out by swissnex Boston, the startups have to be part of the Innosuisse coaching program. This year’s participants were:

AlgoTrader - is a Java based Algorithmic Trading Software that lets trading firms automate trading strategies in forex, options, futures and stocks. GRZ Technologies - renewable energy storage, specifically hydrogen storage. 

IDUN Technologies - develops a new kind of electrodes for next-generation wearables.

Juvabis - designs next-generation aminoglycoside antibiotics that withstand mechanisms of bacterial drug-resistance.

Lunaphore - develops tissue diagnostics by fundamentally changing the time and resource driven nature of diagnostic assays on tumor sections. 

Opus Neoi - develops products to monitor your skin condition at home. 

Orbiwise - develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things industry. Piavita - a hardware-enabled SaaS vet-tech company that brings the veterinary industry into the digitized age.

Prodibi - an online platform for showcasing high resolution images without a size limit.

SEED BioSciences (formerly Dispencell) - automated pipetting system for single-cell isolation that enables personalized medicine.

Skypull - is developing an altitude wind power system based on a fully autonomous drone that captures the energy from altitude winds. 

UnBlu - is a vendor focused on the banking vertical, providing highly secure engagement and collaboration software for financial services. 

Vibwife - develops a medical device to make birth safer and shorter for mother and child. yBand Therapy - offers an innovative therapy system for the rehabilitation of arm & hand function after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. 

(Press Release/ SOK)