Swiss startups receive CES 2020 Innovation Awards


Inivation, Codecheck and xsensio are among the winners of the CES Innovation Awards, which recognise outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The startups won three award categories.



The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the worlds leading trade fair for consumer technology products has kicked off today.More than thirty startups are participating to showcase their innovations to the international audience. Some of the startups also participated in the CES Innovation Awards. Three of them have been honoured. IniVation, DVxplorer – Best of Innovation Honoree, category Embedded Technologies.The Zurich based startup, IniVitaion was honoured with the Best of Innovation award in the category Embedded Technologies for its DVxplorer. Best of Innovation is given to only the highest-rated product in each category. DVxplorer is the world’s first neuromorphic camera available to the general public. It provides unprecedented extreme capabilities, including real-time sub-millisecond response time and ultra-high dynamic range. The secret to the camera's performance is a custom patented neuromorphic pixel design which emulates key aspects of the human retina. Professionals around the world are already using the technology behind DVxplorer to build high-performance machine vision applications in robotics, aerospace, automotive, and high-speed automation. Now everyone can access the same technology to achieve breakthrough speed and performance in many different applications. CodeCheck App, Honoree category Software & Mobile AppsWith CodeCheck, consumers have the opportunity to make healthier and more sustainable purchasing decisions. The app, which is available in Germany, UK, and the USA, allows its users to scan the barcode of foods and cosmetics to understand if the products are suitable for their individual needs. It also provides a personalized rating and recommendations. Xsensio, Lab-on-skin – Wearable TechnologiesXsensio’s Lab-on-Skin is a miniature embeddable chip that is disrupting the health monitoring wearable industry. The chip has the capability to sense continuously and in real-time a broad range of biochemical parameters in sweat at the surface of the skin, from electrolytes and metabolites to hormones and proteins, with the precision of blood test. Thanks to its modular platform, the Lab-on-Skin™ chip will address a wide range of health and wellness applications in sports, wellness, elderly care and medical. The Lab-on-Skin chip can be integrated into next-generation skin patches, wristbands or smartwatches.A comprehensive list of startups at the Swiss Pavillion at CES Vegas 2020 is available on Startupticker.(RAN)