Swiss startups receive accolades for their innovation

Six Swiss startups offering solutions in the sectors of ICT, cleantech and biotech have impressed juries of different competition from both Switzerland and abroad.

Best of Swiss Apps Gold winners
The annual “Best of Swiss Apps” award aims to promote transparency and quality standards in the Swiss App and mobile industry by awarding the most outstanding apps across ten categories. The winners received the Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes. In this year’s competition, three Swiss start-ups won the Gold award: Typewise, FELFEL and NIRlab.

Tpypewise offers an intelligent smartphone keyboard with various features including larger click surfaces, a faster layout, answer prediction, word suggestion and intuitive gestures while ensuring user privacy.

FelFel developed a self-service App that allows office staff to access its food delivery service, including an intelligent refrigerator. More than 400 companies with up to 500 employees are already using the solution.

NirLab’s app, which started as a research project, is today one of the best mobile applications for real-time spectrometric analysis. It evaluates raw data from a portable spectral analysis scanner. It identifies and quantifies chemicals by their spectrum, presenting the results within seconds, thanks to machine learning algorithms. The Swiss Police has already tested the solution.

Green Motion –Vaud International Business Award
The Vaud International Business Award is an initiative of the Department of Economy, Innovation and Sports (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and Innovaud. It rewards companies that contribute to the canton’s image and international reputation. Green Motion won the Jury’s special award. The company, which has obtained the Vaud Scale-Up label, has developed, manufactured and installed electric-vehicle charging systems. Active at an international level, the company currently employs 60 people in Lausanne and around a dozen in Zurich.  

Droople and DEPsys – Riviera-Lavaux Mérites de l’Economie
Promove, the official organisation for economic promotion in the Riviera-Lavaux region, organised the Mérites de l’Economie to reward businesses that contribute to growing the regional economy. Droople, a specialist in water management solutions, received CHF 15’0000 and six months of coaching worth CHF 5000 for winning won the category entrepreneurship. Energy start-up DEPsys providing smart grid solutions won the category impact. All its employees will participate in a field trip, awarded by the program’s partners.

Hive Power - Energy Efficiency For Sustainability (Italy)
The Terna Group, the largest independent European electricity transmission operator and the business incubator, Digital Magics, launched the EES – Energy Efficiency For Sustainability call or innovation. The initiative aims to identify innovative solutions focusing on sustainability and environmental protection to assist in the energy transition. Selected from 50 applicants and ten finalists, the Swiss start-up Hive Power won the competition. Hive Power developed an innovative digital platform that improves data management on energy efficiency and intelligent networks by applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The start-up received € 15,000 and access to a co-design phase to design a business case to evaluate possible business and technology partnerships with the companies selected.

Tibio –Global Corporate Excellence Award (Global)
The Business Worldwide Magazine has selected Swiss biotech consultancy Tibio as the 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Award winner. The Awards seekS to identify and honour the most respected companies and their C-level executives, rewarding outstanding performance, innovation and ethics across the international business, finance and legal communities.

Tibio offers two unique services. The first is the sale and application of their own biotech-solutions, such as the patented ODB System, to decontaminate dielectric oils in industries. The second is pure consulting services for businesses, over half of which are start-ups in the chemistry and life sciences sector who require support for the industrialisation of their processes. In just over a decade, the company has grown exponentially under Davide Staedler’s (CEO) leadership, demonstrating passion and excellence in every aspect of its services and operations.